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10 Natural Products That Repel Bugs


Warmer weather is known to attract bugs especially mosquitos. This can be harmful to you and can cause many mosquito-related illnesses as well such as dengue and malaria. Bug bites can be itchy and uncomfortable and can be easily prevented. You don’t have to use chemical mosquito repellents; you can use natural ones that will be just as effective.

In fact, natural repellents are better for your health as well as the environment. They usually help in keeping bugs and mosquitos away because of their strong smells. You can use them by applying them on your skin or by using oils made from these natural products. Even simply placing them in your yard is a simple yet effective way of keeping the bugs away.

While there are many natural products that repel bugs, here is the top 10!


Citronella is a common ingredient in many mosquito repellents and it’s not surprising why. This ingredient works wonders at keeping bugs away. You can use this in many forms from citronella oil to candles or even applying it to your skin. It is made from a mix of herbs, however, according to research the effectiveness of this ingredient depends on its formulation. If it’s formulated the right way it can be as effective as DEET, however, if not formulated correctly then it can evaporate quickly.


You must have heard of this ingredient when it comes to food, but basil is also a brilliant bug repeller. This plant gives off a strong scent that naturally keeps away bugs. It is most effective when used in the form of an essential oil. Research conducted has proved that it’s effective in protection against many kinds of mosquitos especially yellow mosquitos. You can grow it in your home or buy the essential oil online.


Bugs generally can’t stand minty scents. That’s why growing peppermint plants in your home can help keep them away. The presence of these plants will keep bugs away and it is also extremely effective when used as an essential oil, however, keep in mind that it needs to be a high concentration for it to be effective. Another interesting fact about peppermint is that not only does it repel insects but it is also helpful in relieving itches if you have been bitten by a bug!


Because of its powerful smell, eucalyptus helps keep bugs away. Its smell messes with the delicate senses of these bugs particularly mosquitos and hinders them from locating their food sources. You can use Eucalyptus leaves as a means of protection against mosquitos and other bugs such as ticks, sandflies and midges. Grow this plant in your yard or use its oil regularly for maximum protection.

Another kind of Eucalyptus oil that’s also proved useful against bugs is lemon eucalyptus, which is an essential oil that contains 85% citronella. It has been proved effective against many kinds of mosquitos and other species.


A plant that’s famous for its scent and vibrant nature, it is also a great ingredient in repelling bugs primarily because of its overwhelming scent. The advantage with planting marigold at your home is that not only will it be visually appealing but will also keep the bugs away so it’s a win-win situation, not to mention that they are also edible! Try it out and see for yourself how instantly mosquitos get repelled by it.


This natural bug repellent has become all the hype in recent years. It can be planted in your garden or you buy its essential oil, which has proven to be around ten times more effective than DEET when it comes to preventing mosquitos.  That’s why you won’t need too much of it in order for it to be effective. Another way of using this plant is by crushing the leaves and rubbing them directly on your skin.


This one might surprise you but bugs, in particular, mosquitos despise the smell of lavender and hence stay far away from it. Plant this beautiful flower in your home to keep bugs away. Just like marigold, it will liven up your space while keeping the insects away so it has that added advantage. There are other ways of using it too such as extracting its oil and applying it on your skin or using a lavender body spray that smells divine but not to bugs!

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has many benefits, one of them being a natural bug repellent. Research conducted has shown that repellents that have tea tree oil are effective against bush flies, mosquitoes, and midges.


Garlic can be used as a bug repellent in many ways. The way to do it is to cut garlic cloves into slivers and put them in your yard and outdoor areas. You can also combine them with other oils and ingredients to make a repellent spray for your surroundings or your body. Bugs especially mosquitos can’t stand the strong smell of garlic and so it’s a great deterrent for them. Even if you eat this vegetable it will keep bugs away. This is because when you eat it, one of its main ingredients allicin mixes with your natural smell and will therefore deter these bugs.


This herb can be used for a variety of purposes and by that we don’t just mean cooking; it is used as a repellent too. It works amazingly when planted in the garden and will keep bugs away. Just place it wherever you’re sitting and it’ll deter the insects. It can also be put into lotions to create repellents in the body. Rosemary will work wonders at preventing bugs.


Each of these 10 natural products is effective in repelling bugs and will save you from all those bites. Choose one that’s most convenient for you and use it!