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10 Of The Most Popular Indoor Trees


Indoor plants and trees enhance your home’s beauty and improve the well-being of the people living in the home. You tend to feel positive, breathe fresh air, focus better, and feel happier. They improve your everyday routine and also help you heal faster. 

Benefits Of Indoor Trees

Fresh Air

The indoor trees help you reduce harmful toxins and pollutants that are present in the air. They have great air purification ability, which depends on the plant size, the number of plants, and the home’s size.

Aesthetically Appealing 

Plants add a soothing effect to the eyes and add up to the visual appeal of the home. They help reduce the temperature, provide a shade to the sunny room, brighten up the otherwise dull area, and help you achieve the desired visual appeal.

Boost Mental Health

Greenery has a very positive impact on your mental well-being. With greenery around, you tend to think more creatively and positively.

Improve The Quality Of Life

With potted plants around your home, you tend to care for them and feel a sense of companionship. This also improves your quality of life, and you start taking ownership and nurture these greens, resulting in a great experience.

Promote Healing

Plants also help recover from injury or illness. The greenery around gives a soothing feel that reduces the pain, lowers the anxiety, and improves physical healing. Some plants also have medicinal benefits, and using this natural remedy works wonders.

Not only do these indoor plants uplift the mood and appearance of the home, but they also give a boost to your creativity and well-being. It makes a happier and healthier place to live.

Most Popular Indoor Trees

Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island pine trees are cute little house trees that resemble the Christmas plant. Their leaves are softer than the traditional Christmas tree. It is a tropical plant and cannot bear a temperature below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should keep it away from cold drafts and high humidity. They need enough light, so you should place them in front of a South facing window for bright light. They typically grow to a height of 200 feet and look adorable.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

These plants are broadleaf trees and can grow over 10 feet indoors. These plants need bright but indirect sunlight, and you shouldn’t move them around regularly; otherwise, they will lose their leaves. They don’t like too dry or too wet soil. It can sprout from the trunk again if you cut it back.

Parlor Palms

It is a species of small palm tree native to the rain forests and is one of the most popular indoor palms. It is an attractive little plant and can adapt to low lights. It can also handle low temperatures. This indoor plant can reach a height of up to 10 feet and has great air-purifying qualities. The tree is not toxic to pets also. You may water it every one or two weeks, and this is not suited for direct sunlight.

Rubber Tree or Rubber Fig

A rubber tree is another trendy indoor plant. It can grow up to 50 feet in height. It is always better to pot a young rubber plant than to get a mature one. The current balance of light and water is important for its growth. This plant prefers indirect light, and during the growing season, you need to keep it moist.

Weeping Fig

The Weeping Fig is a beautiful plant with large leaves. It is an evergreen tree and can tolerate limited light in the indoor environment. It will make your landscape look beautiful, and it is very effective at air purification and cleansing of pollutants.

Olive Trees

Though olive trees are not typical indoor plants due to their light-colored appearance, it makes a preferred choice for people to plant them indoors. It would help if you potted this near sunlight and do not over-water the plant.

Pachira Aquatica

The Pachira Aquatica is a typical tropical wetland tree. This is one of the easiest choices for an indoor tree. Also known as the Money Tree or the Saba Nut, it loves moist soil. It does well in indirect sunlight and makes your space look lively.


The scent of an orange or lemon fruit growing in the room is heavenly. The citrus trees are a popular choice in the indoor plant range. They want more water, sunlight, and humidity. They grow easily and scent up your room when they are in full bloom.

Umbrella Tree

This is a popular choice in homes with less direct sunlight. This tree requires very little care. Umbrella trees need constant moisture, and you can water them weekly during the growing season.

Jade Trees

This is one of the indoor trees that require the lowest care. Its leaves combine with the Feng Shui effect and keep it amongst one of the most popular choices. These make great bonsai plants. They require around four hours of direct sunlight, and you need to keep them moist in spring.


The vibe that these trees add to your home makes it a dream place to live. They can bring luck, wealth, prosperity, and happiness to life. You can surely transform your landscape using these friendly options.