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10 Simple Hacks To Declutter Your House


Keeping your house nice and tidy is one of the great things in the world. However, nowadays, people are a bit lazy or don’t have time to keep their house clean. Don’t worry if you are not a neat freak; you can still keep your home neat and clean by following some simple hacks and tips. When you do it frequently, it becomes your habit, and you can keep your house clean without breaking a sweat. For collecting everyday clutter, you can take help from these hacks as they will help you to organize your home and at the same time get rid of the clutter from your house.

These hacks will help you cover every room of your house, and you will have an idea to declutter your space. 

Designate a spot to put all your junk-Whether you have a pile of junk by your front door or in front of the television, you should accumulate all your junk into one space, and it is best if you choose a small space. You can call your area a ‘junk bowl,’ and you can keep all your odds and ends that you don’t often use in this space. Put all your hair ties, receipts, business cards, marriage cards, etc., in the junk bowl. You can also keep a tray or a drawer as an alternative.

A caddy tray can perform several functions like keeping your mobile phones in it or remotes for your living space. You can transform a pile of clutter into something unique and useful. Small containers and drawers will help you separate odds and ends, which will help you find them easier.

Scale Down On Kitchen Gadgets

To save counter space, omit the kitchen clutter, especially those having single purposes. You can store items you will use only once a year and put them into a storage bin in the hall closet or garage.

Hang Kids Art Pieces

You can hand your kids art pieces from clips to avoid clutter. This will help display your kid’s art piece. You can make it look more attractive by hanging it on the fridge with magnets.

Don’t Leave Your Shoes Out!

Are you tired of tripping again and again over your countless sneakers? Get a shoe rack that fits near your entryway where you can store all your shoes. Try to get your hands on a clever hack that is everything from wooden crates to wall-mounted magazine holders that will do both of your work.

Organize Your Files Into A Cabinet

You can store your office accessories like files, folders, sheets, and technical stuff into cabinets and keep candlesticks, centerpieces, and décor items on display. If you want to tuck seasonal decor away, you can store it in project bins. When you’re ready for a change, you can easily access your bins to change your space’s look. 

Invest In A Shredder

If you do a lot of paperwork, it is an excellent option to invest in a paper shredder. As you go through old mail, use a shredder, so these piles of junk mail can be shredded, and they don’t get a chance to accumulate themselves. Also, make a habit of going through your files periodically to shred if there is any junk.

Hallway Hub

Make a hallway hub to keep the hall clear. You can hang up your masks, keys, coats, or other things until they are put away in their proper places. You can use them in your bedroom to hang ties and scarves and effectively hold a tea towel or dish rags.

Rid Of Clutter

You can adopt three main things, which will help you eliminate the clutter in your house.

  1. Toss
  2. Give
  3. Keep

Toss-  Toss the items or things that are broken, not used by anyone, ripped, outdated, or have missing parts. Some examples of things could be broken electronics, appliances, gaming parts, old craft supplies from your kids’ room, worn-out clothes, etc.

Give- You can donate the items you don’t use or no longer need. If it has been hard for you to let go of a sentimental piece, click a picture of it and let it go. By doing this, you’ll have a memory of it, and you also don’t have the junk item anymore.

Keep- Paper clutter is the hardest thing to get rid of. However, it would be best if you had a proper place to store all your essential documents, and you can start it by making a digital list of documents you require and toss the hard copy. Come up with a system or a file that has all your essential paperwork stored. Get rid of the receipts or junk documents that you don’t need now, or you don’t have to pay the tax for. 


Managing clutter is a huge task, but at the same time, there are straightforward and fun hacks to keep your clutter under control, go through the clutter in your home, throw away everything you don’t need, and then donate or give the items you don’t need but are in good condition and can be re-used by someone. As you know, that clutter can build right back up for you, so do it every season so that you can keep your home a clutter-free space.