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10 Ways To Keep Pests Out


Pests are a problem that many homeowners have to deal with. They can cause health problems and damage your home, so it’s essential to take measures to prevent them from entering your home. Also, if you’ve had a pest problem in the past, it’s essential to take preventative measures and make sure that they don’t reoccur. In this article, you will learn some ways that you can keep pests out of your home.

Don’t Let Pests In

Make sure that you’re not inviting pests into your home by leaving the door open or a window cracked, as this will allow them easy access. Keep things clean around your house so that there’s nothing for bugs or other pests to eat, drink from, live in, etc. This will help keep them away if they have no reason to enter the property at all.

Use Caulk Around The Base of Your Home: This is another crucial step in keeping insects and rodents out of your home because it makes it much more difficult for them to get inside through cracks along the foundation/baseline of your home. If possible, try to locate any cracks or openings and seal them up with caulk.

Give Your Home A Thorough Cleaning

Many times, people will complain about pests entering their homes, but they fail to realize that many times these creatures are simply finding their way into areas where food has been left out on countertops, trash is not being taken care of properly, etc. Make sure you keep your home clean throughout every room since this will likely reduce pest presence if they have no reason/place to hide/enter.

Repair Peeling Paint

Pests like to chew on wood and paint, especially if they are able to find some that have begun peeling or are weakened in any way, shape, or form. If you notice this happening around your home, it’s important for you to repair the issue right away so that pests won’t have an easy time getting inside by chewing through walls/doors, etc., as well as preventing damage from occurring due to their constant chewing.

Make A Habit Of Closing Your Doors And Windows At Night: This might seem like common sense, but many people forget about closing windows at night when there isn’t anyone awake/home since most of us tend not to think about these things until we return back into our properties later on.

Seal Windows And Doors

You should also practice the first tip mentioned in this article by making sure that you’re not leaving any doors or windows open/unsealed at night, as it’s easy for insects to enter your home if they are left unattended. If possible, try sealing up all of the cracks along with your doorways and windows with caulk since this can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping pests out. Don’t give them an inch!

Properly Dispose Of Trash

In addition to all of this, you should also be more responsible when it comes to properly dispose of your trash. For example, if you’re going on vacation, try not putting any food outside for the animals/pests since they will have a free-for-all with everything that’s left out there and likely get inside after finding some easy access points around your home which could result in damage being done. Remember: Never leave any traces behind!

Use Natural Pest Repellents

If you want to avoid using harsh chemicals in your home when trying to keep pests out, it’s a good idea for you to try and use natural pest repellents. There are many of these on the market that can help with this issue without causing any harm or damage since they may not always be harmful but rather simply unpleasant-tasting/smelling, which will make them want nothing more than to leave your property alone.

Clean Drains

Make sure that you’re always cleaning out the drains in your home to avoid them becoming clogged. Many pests will try and enter into certain areas of your property if they are able to find an opening, which is why it’s important for you to make sure everything is clean/uncluttered so that there aren’t any uninvited guests around. Also, be sure to check the drains regularly since they are likely one of the first areas that pests will try and enter into.

Store Food Properly

You should store food properly by using air-tight containers or plastic bags when possible since this can help prevent anything from crawling inside with their eggs as well as keep away other insects looking for a free meal! Be Aware Of The Insects In Your Area: This may seem like common sense, but many people forget about what types of bugs might be found in their area.

Which is why it’s important for you to research the types of pests that are common in your region. This will help you become more aware of what might be causing an issue around your property and how best to deal with them accordingly (i.e., whether or not they’re poisonous/dangerous etc.).

Know The Signs Of Pests

Lastly, it’s important for you to know what signs to look out for that will indicate whether or not a pest has entered your home. For example, if you notice small droppings on countertops or floors, then this is an indication that bugs have been in the area, and they could be returning at any given moment since their food source might still exist. This means that once you spot these types of traces around your property, it would probably be best to call up a pest control service without wasting too much time so they can take care of business before things get worse!


In conclusion, you should now have a better understanding of how to keep pests out of your home. It’s important for you to practice the tips mentioned in this article so that they become second nature, and don’t forget about doing research on what types of bugs/pests might be specific to where you live as well! Remember, the faster you react once these issues start popping up, the better your chances are of getting them under control before they can do any real damage.