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12 Efficient & Simple Tricks To Eliminate Dust In Your Home


How to clean your home may matter or not. The main problem that every homeowner’s faces are little dustiness particles left after cleaning. Many tiny particles that add up dust are hair, dead skin cells, and other airborne pollutants like wood ash and vehicle exhaust. Some people are suffering from breathing problems and allergies that dust particles are not suitable for their health. So it’s essential to get rid of these dust particles, and people survive their life well. 

These dust particles also limit the life of the furniture, appliances, and household products. There is a need to stay away from these particles to prolong the life of these appliances. To make these changes, you need to wash pillows, vacuuming furniture, and drapes regularly or weekly. 

Here Are The Simple Suggestions How To Get Rid Of Dust Particles From The Home

Invest In Door Mats

Whenever visitors come to the house, they track the dirt into the house to stop that dirt; there is a need to use doormats for indoor and outdoor positions. Keep your home dirt free, clean the mats on a daily or weekly basis.

Clean Your Bed Pillows

Cleaning the bed pillows is essential for health. Cushions contain dust mites, which cause many types of allergies that are not suitable for health. Some people believe that cleaning the pillow affects its durability, but it is not correct. However, it is also essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions while cleaning the bed pillows. When washing your bed pillows, use liquid detergents instead of soap or powder. Whatever method you choose for cleaning makes your breathing easier during sleeping.

Maintaining Your Upholstery

Vacuuming is not just used for floors, but it is also a good option for cleaning curtains, couches, and lampshades. The soft fiber carries a lot of large dust. It depends on you whether you opt the steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Furniture cleaning is also essential; otherwise, dirt layers have evolved on it. Furniture and upholstery manufacturers provide restricted instructions on how to clean them. If you don’t get this instruction, you can search on the internet, or many service providers can provide these cleaning services.

Take Your Shoes Off

In Asian homes, when any guest comes home, they take off their shoes outside the door. It is a good habit to place off shoes at the door because our shoes contain a lot of dirt, making the home dirty. There is no doubt that if we leave our shoes outside the house, it will bring less dirt and fewer chances of dirtying up the carpets. It is also essential for our family members off the shoes when they come outside the home.

Clean Your Indoor Plants

Cleaning the indoor plant is essential for humans as well as plants. When a large amount of dust and dirt is accumulated on the leaves, they prevent the plant and pores from absorbing adequate air and light. Clean the dead leaves or flowers from the pot on a daily or alternative basis. If you feel that there is dirtiness coming into the soil, also change it. 

Keeps Windows And Doors Closed

Windows and Doors are the significant sources of pure air in the house, but it increases dust. Dust enters through doors and windows in the form of pollen, mold spores, Saharan dust, and airborne dust or pollutants. The solution is to keep the door and windows closed on windy and rainy days. Clean the windows and doors if possible regularly; otherwise, weekly one preferable. This solution supports your windows, door cleaned, and cons. Andcleaner’s process dirt comes into the home, making your work easier to clean. 

Install An Air Purifier

Most people think that investing in an air purifier is a waste of time and money. Because most of the homes have HVAC systems, installing an air purifier is smart to make your home effective and safe. Air purifiers basically purify the air and remove the toxic elements. When you breathe in the fresh air, many problems are sorted out.

When looking for an air purifier, you take time to recognize which types of allergy relief you need. It deals with different kinds of allergies. 

Keeping Your Closet Tidy

We put different seasons and fabric clothes in the closets, so there is a need to keep it clear; otherwise, it causes trouble. Organizing your clothes is essential for your health and daily work, Specially for working professionals. If your clothes are not placed immaculately, it wastes a lot of time. 

Organize the closets according to your needs but make sure there are enough extent betweens items and shelves to dust them regularly. 

Change Bedding Weekly

Adequate sleep is essential for good health, and the bedroom plays a vital role in that. Keep the bedroom accessories clean so you feel fresh after sleeping. Bed bedding captures all the dead skin particles from the body. It is a central problem that causes problems in the skin and also other issues. So it is essential to change the bedding on a regular basis and wash the alternative days . If you adopt these methods, you lead to a better quality of life.

Replace Furnace Filters

It is essential to remove dust that builds up in the wintertime to change the furnace filter every month. Your furnace filter’s leading working is to protect the blower fan from all types of dirt, dust, debris, and hair which duct takes in. In the market or online sources, there are many types of furnace filters available. Adopt it according to your furnace. 

Use The Right Equipment

Feather dusters are adorable and retro. After cleaning with feather dusters, the dust particles have fallen from it when you walk in the room. These particles are not fine particles for health.

Use Vacuum For Cleaning 

If you are thinking of having your own carpet, it is best to know more about the different carpets’ different qualities, including the vacuum cleaner, for the best results. Some carpet warranties come with a specific vacuum, but not all of them do. The best thing to do when deciding on buying a vacuum is to take time to research. Reading online reviews will help you understand the pros and cons of each available vacuum cleaner and will help you pick the most suitable one for you. Vacuums range in price, from those that can be purchased at department stores to ones that are specially designed for professional cleaning.


Excess dust is a sign of bad housekeeping. Check out these tips about how to clean dust out of home & may aggravate allergies.