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5 Outdoor Home Projects That Bring the Most Value to Your Home

They say, “If you want to get an idea of how the inside of the house would be, take a look at the outdoors.” And this is undoubtedly true. A well-designed and maintained yard can significantly increase the overall value of your home. And considering that outdoor living is an integral part of the American lifestyle, an aesthetically appealing outdoor area can be a huge selling point when you plan to sell your property—planning to revamp your outdoors? Take a look at our 5 outdoor home improvement projects that will increase your property’s value.

Add a Wooden Deck

Want to revamp your yard? Add a wooden deck. Adding a deck in your yard not only adds to the outdoor space but also gives a neat and aesthetically pleasing look to your outdoors. Most people who add a wooden deck to their yard claims to have a greater desire to be at home and spend more time with friends and family outdoors. According to estimates, it can cost you between $7,000 and $24,000 depending upon the size, but regardless, this investment will pay you off as you plan to dispose of the property.

Transform with a Patio

Just like adding a wooden deck, a patio addition is one of the favorite outdoor home improvement projects. You can choose from a variety of styles and sizes. Some patios come with built-in, state-of-the-art kitchens, while others can have great artwork and lighting. Though it is an expensive outdoor home improvement project, it certainly adds to your home’s living space while offering a return as you bring your property to the market.

Garden Landscaping

Give a new look to your yard with garden landscaping. Plant fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers to improve the street appeal of your home. However, always remember that some plants can be quite sensitive to weather conditions, and only professionals can take good care of them. Such plants usually die off within a few months. So it is a good idea to discuss your plantations with a professional landscaper before you spend a fortune at your nursery. Go for plants that are sturdy, easy to maintain at the same time, visually appealing.

Walkway Restoration/Replacement

As you walk through your yard toward the entrance, do you have a stone pathway or a concrete walkthrough? A neglected walkway can not only degrade the look of your house but can also affect its value. So go for a walkway restoration project and be as creative as you can. You can use a variety of materials to pave the path while you can decorate the sides using brightly colored bricks. An added advantage of this renovation project; it does not cost much but surely adds value to your property.

Build a Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool in your home can be one of the most desired pleasures of life. It not only gives a healthy activity to your family members but can significantly add to the value of your home. While it might be an excellent addition for you, some property buyers think otherwise. Since having a pool in your house might require some extensive maintenance, not everyone is ready for it. But those who are ready are definitely willing to pay for this luxurious feature in your house.

The outdoors of your home is as important as the indoors, and it is not just limited to your yard or lawn. There is much more to it. You can try and incorporate numerous outdoor home improvement ideas to transform the look and value of your property.