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5 Outdoor Wood Working Projects For Your Backyard


This is the perfect time of year to take on some woodworking projects in your backyard. Not only will these projects enhance the usable space of your backyard, but they also increase the value of your home. Not to mention that little ones love participating in the building projects and enjoy playing on them more when they are complete. 

Taking on these simple projects will help give your yard a more friendly appeal and make you feel like you do not need to leave the house to enjoy leisure time. Below are five crafts you can try at home. They do not require technical expertise, or a large budget, simply your time. 

Swing With A Wooden Seat

If you think swings are for kids, you need to rethink here because there’s no harm in swinging yourself on weary days. One can efficiently execute this plan because all they require are two ropes and a wooden plate. The shape and size of your swing can be small to fit your kids or as big as a medium-size sofa to let the entire family swing.

Ensure the wood you use is water-resistant and sturdy to maintain human weight while swinging. One can have poles on either side to design a standing chair swing or find a space between two trees.

Outdoor Bench Made From Timber

Timber is low on cost and can be efficiently designed for seating in your backyard to add to the greenery. All you need is some essential tools, including a drill or a driver, a circular saw, and some hand tools to create a timber bench within a few hours. Ensure that you use sandpaper to create a smooth surface, and also do not forget to stain the wood to help make it more weather resistant.

The style and shape may change depending on the cuts of wood you have available. You can become creative in the design of your bench and add in creative touches like wood-burning accents, staining the wood, or simply adding a vining plant to the legs. There are many ways to incorporate a wooden bench into your backyard. 

Wooden Bird Nesting Box

Constructing a basic bird nesting box is a simple process once you know how to do it. Here is a step-by-step procedure to build a simple yet elegant birdhouse.

Materials Required:

Wood – 2.5cm x 15cm x 150cm

Screw – 4cm long

Hand saw

Power drill

Step 1: Cut The Board Using These Dimensions

Floor – 22cm x 14cm

Roof (Side 1) – 22cm x 14cm

Roof (Side 2) – 22cm x 14cm

Backside – 18cm x 14cm

Front Side –  18cm x 14cm

Side 1 – 14cm x 11cm

Side 2 – 14cm x 11cm

Step 2: Drill An Entrance Hole On The Front Board

Using a spade, drill out a hole of four inches on the front side piece of wood. This size is appropriate for birds to enter, including chickadees, woodpeckers, and warblers.

Step 3: Assembly Of The Boards

Using screws and glue, attach all the cut-out boards. Make sure to use waterproof glue so that the birdhouse remains constant throughout. Firstly, assemble the floor and the sides. Next, attach the two roof boards. One piece of advice would be to assemble the roof with screws so that you can later open it up for cleaning. 

Mount your birdhouse, and make sure to include treats!

Vertical Garden Beds

You may love gardens. However, the lack of space can be a problem. Therefore, vertical gardens are in trend because of their design, minimalistic look, and, of course, they occupy less space. It’s a unique way to grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

For this, you first need to select a wall based on the amount of sunlight it gets through the day. Next, build a wooden frame. This can include vertical lines stacked above each other with space in the center for the plants. Make sure to attach a plastic sheet against the wall to keep it away from seeping water. The best part about making your own is that you can add in spots for irrigation. 

Wooden Picnic Table

A wooden table is easy to construct because a basic table consists of a tabletop, legs, and seats. The first step is to sketch the type of table you wish to make. After preparing a rough design, figure out the dimensions. 

If you are unfamiliar with woodworking, then the best thing would be to buy pine wood for this project. After you complete the wooden picnic table, be sure to thoroughly sand it down so that the entire surface is smooth and pleasant to sit on. Also, ensure that you use the correct stains to protect the table from the weather. 

The Bottom Line!

Any of these projects will help liven up space in your yard that was rarely usable before. The ideas above simply require a few tools, wood, stain, paint (optional), and time. With some dedication and hard work, these projects could be ready in a day!