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5 Things You Shouldn’t Clean With A Pressure Washer


Pressure washers are an incredible invention in the field of cleaning. They have revolutionized the whole scene of cleaning and given it a new dimension. They are great in cleaning many tough stains and places like graffiti, dirt, stuck stains, and debris. But the high pressure of the pressure washer also makes it a dangerous proposition for some of the items. Here is the list of the top five things that you should avoid while using a pressure washer. 


A quick wash for the windows with the pressure washer can look like an excellent idea, particularly when considering how difficult it might be to get to the windows on the second floor. Still, the fragile panes of glass can not hold up to the high-pressure spray generated by the pressure washer. The water stream is more likely to put out the glass rather than clean the window, which will leave you with almost one window to replace and a colossal mess of glass and water to clean up inside.

Electric Meters

Electric meters usually hold a solid metal covering and plastic cover or over the meter’s face or transparent glass. As the casing keeps the meter safe from snow, rain, and sleet, it will be vulnerable to high-pressure streams produced by any pressure washer. The power generated by the pressure washer will force water through the narrow crevices and cracks, resulting in damage to the incoming electrical system and costly repairs.

Asphalt Shingles

Try not to turn the pressure washer on a roof using asphalt shingles to stop damaging the roof and causing leaks. Its high water pressure eliminates the granules from the asphalt shingles, and it can altogether remove or break shingles if the roof is old. Roof leaks can cause difficulties throughout the house, including mold, rot, and structural damage that can go into the cooling and heating system that can affect the health of anyone living in the home.


Cleaning the gutters is not fun for almost everyone, and it can be tempting to use the capability of a pressure washer to eliminate built-up leaves, dirt, clumps, or grime. Although, this is undoubtedly not a good idea. The pressure washer is very powerful and can cause havoc to the downspout or pull the gutter off the house. It’s sufficient to clean the debris out of the gutters by hand, then use a garden hose to wash the inside of the gutter.

Old Mortar Or Brick

Pressure washers are perfect to clean paving stones and concrete patios. They can also be a moderate pressure setting on bricks. When the mortar and brick on the outside of the house are crumbling, a pressure washer will result in problems. It’s a powerful stream of water that will pull mortar from the wall and then cut in old brick, ending in significant structural damage and exposing the insides of a house to outdoor weather circumstances.


The water pressure is primarily the reason behind withdrawing particular objects, but many devices can get ruined by water seeping into cracks. This can cause havoc with sensitive mechanical and electronic systems. Therefore, before pressure washing the house or the car, check out the list of these things you must not clean with a pressure washer.