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5 Ways To Repurpose Old Pillow Cases


If you have piles of old pillowcases and think about what to do with them, you’re in the right place. We all have old and extra pillowcases lying around in the linen closets. 

Before you throw your old pillowcase, think about different ways you could repurpose them. Maybe not as a cover, but for other great uses.

Storage & Organizing

Old pillowcases can be used in storage & organizing different things around the house. 

Store Your Bed Sheet Sets

Fold your bed sheets and put them inside the pillowcase. It makes storing your sheets tidier and more manageable. This trick will save you time, so you don’t have to go looking for each piece the next time you switch them out. Plus, if you don’t have a spare, you can easily use a pillowcase from the same set.

Use A Pillowcase To Store Your Winter Clothes

Winter clothes like cardigans, sweaters are prey to moths. If you store them in plastic, they can get musty, and if stored in a closet, they’re ruined by moths. So you can put the sweaters in a pillowcase for seasonal storage. In this way, they will stay free from dirt and dust and be stored securely.


Clean Ceiling Cornices

You can clean ceiling cornices by putting an old pillowcase over the end of a broom. And run the broom along the ceiling cornices. In this way, the pillowcase protects the wall paint as it collects the dust and spider webs.

Clean Ceiling Fans

Hook your old pillowcase over the ceiling fan’s fin, and slide it along the fin. The pillowcase cleans all the dust. In this way, the ceiling fan gets cleaned, and you can wash the pillowcase and use it as usual for cleaning stuff. 


Make Your Masks

As face masks are essential items these days, you can make your masks at home. You can create single-layered masks or add a second layer in the masks with simple DIY sewing procedures.

Portable Beds

Portable beds are not only for kids but can work for you too. You can make some portable beds by sewing your old pillowcases together (any 4) and stuff them with some stuffing. They are so helpful during a trip, and your kids will love these.

Turn a Pillowcase Into Napkins

Pillowcases are available in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors. Pick a pillowcase you like, and start cutting. Prevent fraying by sewing a hem on each side, or finish with iron-on hemming tape. You’ll have a new set of colorful napkins. 

Pet Bed

Creating a pet bed is one of the easiest things to do with your old or extra pillowcase. Stuff the pillowcase with soft stuffing and sew the end closed. It’s perfect for smaller pets. 

You can also repurpose an old pillowcase to:

  • Make your own handkerchiefs or neckerchiefs
  • Make mismatched cloth napkins
  • Cover your hot water bottle
  • Make cleaning rags
  • Make a bandana
  • Cover your ironing board
  • Protect and cover your baby’s changing table
  • Store flour
  • Collect leaves and grass cuts
  • Make doll dresses or bedding

Final Words

These innovative uses for old or extra pillowcases are an excellent way to get creative. You can store, DIY, or use old pillowcases in cleaning. There are various ways to repurpose them.