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6 Bad Home Designs To Stay Away From


Maybe not the first time, but buyers will know if anything is not right or feel good about the house. A lousy layout causes that feeling. There is no doubt about a good home layout. It’s often challenging to correct a bad design without spending a lot. Before deciding to buy any house, or add anything to your new home, make sure to research it and discuss it with your contractor. 

Inside Stairway Facing the Entrance

Upon entering the home, being greeted by a stairway is off-putting, practically speaking to most people. Pleasant stairways are curved, comprehensive, off to the side, and well placed. Old Chinese tradition says stairs located right in front of the entrance makes a home’s energy escape.

Hallway Facing the Entrance

Entrances are essential because entry forms the first impression. People make up their thoughts within a few minutes of entering a house. People either feel good or feel bad walking in the home as it might not be a deliberate decision.

Narrow and dark hallways are a turnoff, mainly if the hallway constitutes the entryway’s complete view. Houses designed in this layout are sometimes large homes transformed into single-family residences, with a dining room to the right, a living room to the left, bedrooms in the hallway, and a kitchen at the back of the house. In this layout, it doesn’t convey a cozy and warm home design.

Dining Room in the Middle of the House

Upon entering the home, walking through the living room into the dining room is a bad home design layout. One must walk through the dining room to get to the kitchen, family room, or bedrooms because all rooms connect through various entrances to the dining room. The main problem is the inconvenience of moving around the dining room table to access different home areas. It does not provide easy access and a straight path.

Bedrooms Located Off the Living Room

It is inconvenient to locate a bedroom door leading from the living room directly. It reduces privacy as well as the noise factor. While dining or some guests are sitting in the living room, no one wants to interact directly with them in their bed hair.

Poorly Located Guest Bathroom

Besides looking down a long hallway in entering a home, the only thing worse than is getting a full view of a toilet at the end of it. Mainly in older houses, the bathroom is placed at the end of the hall rather than at one side. That’s not so good as closing the door to the washroom is uninviting and unattractive. A guest bathroom, which is obtainable only by walking through a utility room or bedroom, is unappealing.

Minimum Storage Area

The house must have an excellent closet to put the necessary stuff. If your home doesn’t have adequate storage, it is also included in the wrong home design layout. Mainly older homes have smaller closets by nature and many times fewer cabinets. 

Final Thoughts

If a house features none of the above things, it is considered a home designed with the best layout. So, don’t make these terrible and bad home design mistakes. If you purchase a home with some of these layout design flaws, you can always remodel as best you can, but it can get pricey at times. It is best to buy what is in your budget, appeals to you, and has a beautiful layout and design