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6 Best Home Improvement Tips To Raise Property Value


The main aim of any property investment is to increase its value. Every year the prices of the property go up to new levels. And to add to that, you can do some value addition yourself. Consider increasing your home’s value through low-cost ways like decluttering, painting, grooming your backyard, and some high-cost ways like in-depth renovations. Before you do any renovation or value addition, make sure that you do not overspend to get fair returns on that investment. A research of your area on how much your property would be worth after the renovation is an advisable thing to do; it is referred to as After-Repair-Value or APR. This way, you know how much money you should put in to get the desired returns. Let’s check out what all you can do to enhance the value of your establishment.

Add Usable And Visual Square Footage

The homes are priced and valued by the livable space available in terms of the square foot. In other words, the size of your house determines the value of your home. The larger, the better. This is all the more applicable in areas where land is limited and expensive, like adding a separate suite to the house or adding a floor. Many times, not just the actual footage but also the visual footage makes a difference. Visual footage means how big the home feels. To do that, replace heavy curtains with light vertical blinds or shutters to add more light to the room. Adding in large mirrors will also help a room feel more open and spacious. 

Clean And Declutter 

This may seem like a very trivial idea, but this increases the house’s value smartly since you do not have to put in a lot of money to clean and declutter. But it is undoubtedly tedious and time taking. The best way is to start with things that you haven’t used for many years. Please make a donation box and keep putting those things you do not need or want. With a little bit of patience, you’ll be able to declutter and clean your cabinets, closets, drawers, and other storage areas.

Similarly, clean the other areas of your home, too, like, garage, backyard, garden, terrace, and staircase. Once in a while, hire a professional cleaning service for deep cleaning inside and outside if necessary. Cleaning and decluttering also increase the visual footage of your house, making it look more spacious. 

New Paint And Flooring 

Paint is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to make an upgrade to your house. It will spruce up your home by making it look newer, cleaner, and more attractive to potential buyers. Freshly painted exterior walls increase the curb appeal of the property. Apart from aesthetic benefits, paint also protects your walls from moisture, which leads to mold and mildew formation, which damages the wall. The life of the woodwork also gets extended as paint protects them from insects, especially termites.

Similarly, just as you take care of the walls, pay attention to the flooring as well. It would be too stressful for the buyers to buy a house and replace the flooring before moving. So have the flooring cleaned or even replaced if necessary. Put some new rugs, carpets, or linoleum floorings in areas that show the most wear and tear.

Make Your Home More Efficient

You can employ some ways to enhance your home’s efficiency, and while improving your house, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on upgrading. Installing a smart thermostat to save money and boost efficiency is a very effective method.

Smart thermostats allow the homeowner to regulate the house’s climate through distance, providing them with the power to control power costs irrespective of whether you are sitting at home or on vacation. This device’s technology will bring out the house’s overall comfort and furnish a robust selling point functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency. Other ways to enhance your home’s efficiency include fixing windows with cracked or broken seals, fixing leaky pipes, and fixing any sinks that may be leaking. 

Upgrade Doors, Bathrooms, And Outside Walls 

Refurbishing your home at the right time increases its value multifold. Replacing damaged old doors can work miracles. You can achieve stunning results by installing modern glass panel doors or plain wood doors. Carefully check every part of your house, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and gardens. Repair all the small and big issues if you want to sell your property, hence boosting the house’s value. 

Bathroom upgrades are usually a smart move. If you don’t want to refurbish bathrooms fully, consider small and needed changes like replacing your old wallpaper with a textured finish and old lighting with innovation. You can correct faulty plumbing lines and any leakages in the bathroom. You can also replace old parts with new ones. Investing in the house’s bathrooms will always pay off well as it is an integral part of the home. 

Experts suggest that the outside walls of your house play a significant role in your home’s value. Top real estate consultants say that enhancing your home’s exterior is a significant point; house owners should consider improving the home’s marketability. The first impression of the home must be impressive, so buyers get attracted to your asset. Good structural design and shiny walls can get you a fantastic deal.

Get An Inspection Done For Enhancing The Value

It’s a good idea to hire an inspector to check out the areas you tend to overlook on your property. You can discover the hidden issues at the right time to get corrected and increase your property value. Small matters may become expensive problems quickly; the longer you stall the repairs, the costlier such maintenance would be. Property consultants know in-depth regarding the property’s deal, with their help, you should surely take the appropriate actions to improve the house value.

Take care of the landscaping improvements, which will mature over a while. Whether you plan to sell your property soon, you can still spend a bit on improving your house landscaping; it always serves as an incredible pleasure to be surrounded by lush green plantations and enhance the home property value’s marketability. Home gardens are also a popular selling point for buyers. 


You can increase your property value in several ways, such as installing thermostats, web cameras, replacing your old doors with new ones, and refinishing flooring. Decorative electrical fittings dramatically enhance your house value. A wise decision is to make significant changes and increase the value of the property. A newly built but not adequately managed property can not get high value. In contrast, even an old building that gets renovated from time to time may double the property value. Make sure to take on projects that will enhance the value of your home. The first project should be to maintain that every item in the house is properly functioning and in good condition. The house should be structurally sound before improving upon the aesthetics of the home.