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8 Ways To Embrace Living On Your Own


We have 24 hours in a day to work and relax. A free lifestyle would mean maximizing time and reducing stress. In this modern world, we need to learn to embrace our freedom. So, this article brings you eight ways to find joy.

Make Your Schedule Simple

If you want to spend a life full of joy and comfort, try to make a simple schedule. Often in this busy world of work and social media, we make our routine hectic. It does not leave time to sleep enough and enjoy our presence. We know work and social life are important. But, it’s vital to leave space for enjoying time with yourself. So, loosen your schedule and make room for relaxation.

Your Health Matters

Whenever you talk about happiness, it is always accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. People who are fully joyful and enjoy their life to the fullest give their health some time with work and relations. Remember, you can succeed and have beautiful relations only when your health is perfect. You should be exercising every day, eating nutritious food, like whole grains, and having a sound sleep. 

With these, drink around eight glasses of water, smile more, enjoy fresh air every day, sweat in the morning, take a break and go for a good walk, and lastly, visit a doctor regularly. 

Think Of Working From A Mobile Office

Your smartphone is more helpful than it seems. You can enjoy your life more if you complete some work from your phone in your free time. Participate in online webinars, research, answer emails online, plan and organize your work on your laptop and phone. Live your life comfortably by working from wherever you want.  

Become Your Own Boss

Are you wondering how you can become your boss? The simple answer is starting a work of your own. Writing blogs, articles, freelancing, photography, consultant, and life coach are some examples of how you can become the master of your work. People would not be shouting around with deadlines. The best news is that you can work freely without any dates or pressure of work and earn well. 

Minimalist Living, Happy Life

Have you ever thought about why we are in this rat-race? Running day and night, leaving our family, and taking a lot of stress is all because we wish to earn more. We also neglect our health in our desire for the latest car, phone, handbags, clothes, a big house, and luxury. Minimalist living is not about giving up on comforts. It is about trying to be happy and content with the fine things we have. Let’s not be a part of the race and know that only health and beautiful relations with sufficient money, of course, can bring you joy. 

Become Nomadic

You can find long term happiness in being a wanderer. It does not mean you should not have a home and family. Being nomadic is going out of the way and escaping from technology for some time. Be a part of nature, experience the air, chirping of birds, mountains, and oceans to find true joy.

Reading Books

Books spark joy in people and open a spectrum that takes you to another world. If you cannot be a nomad by going out and traveling in the area, your books can bring you joy. Read more of your interest and get inspired. Embrace the free lifestyle by learning new things through magazines.

Clear The Clutter

A house full of mess and cluttered things makes life difficult and confusing. You can hire a professional organizer to make your home look better and cleaner. You may also read the book “The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing” and “The life-changing magic of tidying up.” Decluttering keeps your mind stable and brings you joy. 


We all are seeking joy and peace in our lives. This article brought you some ways to live a better and more embracing life. Get rid of stuff, exercise more, work from your mobile office, eat healthy, sleep well, and spend time with yourself to live to the fullest