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Amazing Hacks For LED Strip Lights


LED lights have revolutionized energy conditions with maximum luminosity. Earlier, a tungsten filament bulb would take up a lot of power, yet the illumination would be dim. The invention of LED lights has changed the way houses are lit and decorated. There are so many ways to decorate your home with LED light strips without increasing the electricity units. 

It all depends on your creativity and the wiring conditions of the house. One tungsten bulb for decorative purposes can now be switched with LED lights highlighting features in the home, making it look attractive and rich in color and art. Here are amazing hacks for remote-controlled LED light strips that will modernize your home. 

Halo Effect Around Objects


Just installing a frame or a mirror on the wall looks abstract but not attractive. Furthermore, using a mirror without proper ambient lighting makes the reflection unclear. To solve this problem and enhance the attractiveness of hanging objects, make use of LED strips. 

For instance, the space behind the object or a photo frame can have LED light using double-sided tape on the backside of the frame. Make sure the strip stays hidden. Now switch on the light and witness the angel halo effect on the wall-hanged object. In this way, your bathroom and your classic painting and pictures will look modern and high-tech. If you have a flat TV adding the strip at the back of it will create a center of attraction at your home. 

Define Step Silhouettes


Steps are often hazardous zones, especially in the dark. Tripping on the steps in the night will tumble you down and break your bones. Therefore, apart from the attractiveness, adding LED strip lights at the edges of the steps makes sure you can climb carefully. Thus, there are two advantages of installing LED light strips at the edges of the stairs. 

Colored LED Strips 


There are many colored LED strips available in the market with remote controls. These colored LED strips will make your home look like a palace from the future. The strips can be attached at the bottom edges of the sofa or the window frame, defining borders and establishing ambiance in the room. The universal remote that comes with the set is capable of changing colors according to you. A color-blocked environment has a soothing effect keeping your mind happy. 

Highlighting The Lower Edges Of The Floor


Floor tiles are sometimes the perfect reflective surface. This reflectivity is an asset when combined with led strips. Ensure there is space between the wooden pane and the wall. In this space, attached the LED strip in the four corners of the room. Now switch on the light and look at the effect. You will notice that the flooring looks fantastic, just like walking the aisle in paradise. 

Furniture Highlights With LED Strips


These days smaller spaces and large furniture in the house make the area look shabby. To avoid this and establish an open breathable environment, use LED strip lights and mirrors. Adding a mirror gives a dilution of having more space, and the LED light strip adds to the dilution, making it look as realistic as possible. Furthermore, lining the inner side of your wardrobe with LED strips provides good lighting to pick clothes for the day. You can also line the inner side of the drawer to view things easily. 

Glass Bottle Showpiece


Empty glass bottles of champagnes, colas, or wine is an object of high value at your home. You might think that this is absurd, but it is not. There are many DIY ideas for turning a glass bottle into a showpiece. Artistic people paint the glass bottles and fill the empty glass bottle with LED lights. When you switch it on, you will notice that it looks like an expensive chandelier. You can place these bottles in your garden or as a showpiece on a shelf. 

Accent Ceiling Lighting


False ceiling is getting increasingly popular and a must-have feature in your interior design. False ceiling designs enrich the interior with complex design and a simplistic approach. Modern false ceilings incorporate LED strip lights in the setting. The space in the false ceiling has strips of changing colors throughout the design. These LED strips have many settings like party mode or relaxation mode that use warm lights. 

Make Your Front Porch More Attractive 


The front porch is the first thing guests notice when they are at your home. To maintain such an environment, one can change the landscape of the patio by using LED strip lights. Line the porch edges, the seating space, the swing, and the window frames with warm LED lights that will make your house look attractive and establish a peaceful vibe.

Guided Light Routes


Sometimes it gets challenging to find your way in the dark. For this purpose, you can highlight the edges of the lane by lining it with an LED strip. This will allow you to walk down the lane freely without tripping. Furthermore, you navigate your car through the dark route by switching on the LED strips that line the lane. This will ensure smooth parking avoiding wall and plant damages.  

Show Off Your Shelving


Places like sideboards, shelves are the only place in the room where one rests on items of utmost importance. This includes books, showpieces, table lights, TV equipment, and many more. The sideboard is where one keeps the wi-fi router, the set-top box, or the blue-ray video player. Such a place is bound to look cluttered. For this reason, you can use a board panel to hide the wires. The board panel will then have an angel halo effect to make it attractive and techie.                 

Furthermore, shelves, where books or other items are stored and have a glass display, can be attached with an LED strip in the inner lining of the rack. Thus, it makes it easier to acquire objects from the shelf. This also makes the interior look classy and elegant. 


Therefore, there are so many ways to use LED strip lights. Now that you have read these fantastic hacks to use LED strip lights, the neurons in your brains will be firing, giving you so many ideas. Start executing on it and make your home the house of the future.