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Best Electric Fireplaces


Traditional fireplaces have met modern-day designs and are becoming an essential component of your interiors, especially in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, where temperatures drop below zero degrees. Perhaps, fireplaces have a vital significance and bring in an aura of closeness, happiness, and content. People living in colder temperatures love a sophisticated fireplace with modern designs that fit well in the mantle and require low maintenance.

Electric Fireplaces Buyer’s Guide

Fireplaces are meant to provide warmth and coziness, making it your favorite spot in the room. You can’t sip whiskey or a cup of hot chocolate and read a book on your couch. It’s an ideal way to spend your holiday, especially when the holiday season is around the corner. Laying down beside your fireplace also provides an ultimate experience with a touch of modern design. The electric fireplace inserts electric sockets easily and hence has a seamless installation.

Traditional fireplaces have a drawback of maintenance and finding wood logs. It would be ideal in a cabin or a bungalow. However, electric fireplaces can easily be incorporated into your interiors without any constraints. 

How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?

There are no significant differences between an electric fireplace and a traditional fireplace. However, the former has significant advantages over the latter. An electric fireplace does not demand a unique setup and space requirement for vents. In addition to this, electric fireplaces are compact and do not demand much space. Electric fireplaces work on the principle of convection, radiation, and conduction instead of relying on wood logs to keep you warm. 

The setup works so that it takes in cold air and heats it with a coil. The hot air is then circulated with the internal fan in the room, providing a similar experience as a traditional fireplace. In addition, there are various other designs where the electric fireplace uses infrared or IR technology to heat-up objects in the room. 

Relying on wood logs in metropolitan regions is impossible and definitely a wrong decision for the environment. So, where can you find the best electric fireplace? 

The 5 Best Electric Fireplaces In 2021

Rest assured, here are some of the top 5 best electric fireplaces that will help you have a cozy winter and warm up your chilled room. 

The R.W. Flame Wall-Mounted Fireplace

The R.W. Flame wall-mounted fireplace has slim and compact designs which can easily fit into your interior plans. It is 50 inches in length, 18.11 inches in height, and 3.89 inches wide. It has a touch screen remote control feature to control the temperature, speed, and brightness. You can also easily use the energy-saving mode, and it takes about 750W to 1500W, depending on the model you choose. It has a heating zone of about 400 sq. ft. 

Furthermore, it has 12 flame colors and LED control with 5 levels for the fan speed and is easily adjustable to 5 brightness levels. Customers who have purchased R.W. Flame are deeply in awe of its tight fit and incredible experience. You can easily install it without the need for a technician. The brand has also been certified by ETL. Additionally, the heat from the electric fireplace maintains natural humidity in the environment and prevents inducing dry air in the atmosphere.

For safety precaution, the R.W. Flame fireplace has an inbuilt feature of auto-heat kill, which avoids creating hazardous events. It is pretty handy if you tend to forget to switch off the appliance when you go out of your house. R.W. Flame fireplace is genuinely a modern space heater. It costs around $410 on Amazon.

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

The Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace is the overall best considering feature comparison and added specifications and capacity. Suppose you own a larger space and are looking for a budget-friendly electric fireplace, then Duraflame 3D is the one. As the name suggests, this electric fireplace provides a 3D flame appearance that makes it quite realistic. It uses the latest infrared technology that heats up using the IR rays. It has a heating zone of about 1000 sq. ft, which is readily incorporated in larger spaces at a budget-friendly price. 

Furthermore, using the remote control, you can control the temperature, flame colors, speed, and brightness using the remote control. It is also portable, and you can easily set it up indoors. It has a metal body which is a good conductor of heat. The main feature that stands out in Duraflame 3D is its 3D flame technology that dances on the wooden logs. The Quartz infrared rays prevent dry air in the atmosphere and offer natural humidity. It is 13 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 23.4 inches high, weighing 28.6 pounds. 

Additionally, it has an overheat protection that turns of in such cases. The Duraflame has over 9K reviews on Amazon and is one of the leading electric fireplaces in the market due to its features and budget-friendly prices. It costs around $279.99, which is relatively cheap for an electric fireplace with exquisite features. 

TURBO Compact Suburbs Electric Fireplace Stove 

The TURBO Compact suburbs electric fireplace is relatively compact and easily fits in smaller places, making it ideal for individuals living in metropolitan cities. This is because metropolitan or modern houses are compact with limited places to store extra stuff in your room. As a result, people look for appliances that do not take much space but yet make a difference in the interiors. This electric fireplace heater is 15 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 18 inches high. 

If you are a rustic enthusiast who likes old designs with a modern touch, this is definitely what you should buy. It only weighs about 13 pounds and is quite portable and easy to use. Despite its compact size, it has a heat output of about 4.7K British thermal units. It has a freestanding installation, and so it does not need an amount. 

Furthermore, the Turbo suburbs is CSA certified and has inbuilt safety features. You can manually control the heat, and the outer body is cool unaffected by the heat. Therefore, it is pet-friendly and safer if you have a toddler at home. It is one of the best electric fireplaces with mantels and fits easily. It is relatively cheaper, and you can buy it for hundred bucks. It is the best budget pick. 

Air Choice Mini Fireplace Stove

Air Choice brand’s fireplace offers an antique and compact experience to its users. The design combines modern technology with an antique appearance keeping intact the feel of a traditional fireplace in the mantle. It has a refined style and a metal body that does not conduct when the electric fireplace is switched on. It has a quartz burner type with a heating method of Infrared rays with a capacity of 500 Watts. It is not mountable; however, it has a freestanding setup which can help you move it around quickly. 

The design offers a realistic feel and resembles a real wood stove. It is powered up by LED lights which can last up to 50K hours. The internal appearance offers a fake ember bed and wood logs with 3D dancing flames, which are adjustable. Additionally, you can easily change the brightness, fan speed, temperature, and flame by the touch of a remote. It comes with an inbuilt safety feature and one year warranty. Amazon is the leading marketplace to buy an Air Choice fireplace stove at a lower price.

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert

The PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert is the best classic fireplace in the market. It is sleek, and the fire well in the mantle. Thus, it is a perfect choice to get rid of a traditional smoky fireplace and replace it with the PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert. This offers a wide range of features and specifications which imitate a traditional fireplace. This electric fireplace heater also has a crackling sound effect that offers a sophisticated experience. 

Furthermore, it has resin logs that sit on the ember and resemble a wood log burning in a traditional fireplace. Therefore, the sound and visible features of the PuraFlame electric fireplace are just what you need to replace the traditional fireplace with vents that rely on wood logs. You can use the remote control to control the flame setup, heat, fan speed, brightness, and the color of the flames seamlessly. It fits nicely in the mantle and comes with a 1-year warranty period. You can purchase it from amazon, and depending on the size, and the price fluctuates between $310 to $360.

Which Model Should You Buy Ultimately?

The answer lies with your space requirements, your budget, and your need. The fireplaces mentioned above are the best and offer the best cozy and warm experience during winters. Remember that the best electric fireplace heater for you is the one that sits well in your indoor space, and that doesn’t cost you much. Add these constraints, and you will have a winner.