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Best Secret Built In Hiding Places For Valuables


When it is about hiding valuables in the home, you won’t need a huge safe bolted to the bedroom floor—you need to stay a step ahead of the thieves. All it will take is a little creative thinking. If you have cash, jewelry, or any other valuable you need to keep extra safe, there are various DIY ways to hide these things from burglars. 

Bottle Rock

You must have seen the fake rocks used to hide the key outside the front door. One problem with this is, they will always look fake. Instead, glue one rock using the construction adhesive to the tip of a pill bottle. Drop the key inside, and then replace that rock cap. Bury it in the dirt; therefore, only the rock will show.

Air Vent

You probably won’t want to put anything in the air vents as it can interrupt the airflow. Instead, consider installing a false air vent built to stash cash and valuables. Thieves who want to be out of the house fast won’t take any time to get them unscrewed.

Electrical Outlet

Just like the air vent, false electrical outlets may fit tiny items such as cash and gemstones. Just ensure that you can purchase a design matching the other outlets and place that in a logical place. During the installation, cut only the wall where it’s hollow.

Bathroom Tile

If tiles in the bathroom or kitchen measure around 3″ by 3″, you may hide a tiny storage compartment behind that. Pull off a tile and then cut a hole through the wall slightly smaller than that tile. After that, attach a small plastic bin on the back of this tile, then replace it. Use one suction cup for grabbing that tile when you require access.

In A Clock

A generic wall clock appears beautiful and thrifty, but it can hide cash. Lift that clock face to unveil a little storage area for keys, USB storage devices, money, and other important stuff. And to not bring suspicion, it works. Hang that high and raise the chances thieves will pass by it.

False Bottomed Drawer

Creating a fake bottom in your dresser drawer is an easy and quick DIY project. Cut a plywood piece to the correct dimensions and glue in wine corks, or something equally sized, in your drawer’s bottom corners for supporting the fake bottom. Keep that compartment shallow for making it less skeptical of the intruder.

Right Out In The Open

It doesn’t need to be the former vacuum cleaner, any one of the typical household items having a cavity that can work as a hidden compartment. Think about the computer towers, children’s toys, old printers, etc. Be sure the family members know about this so that that stuff doesn’t get tossed or donated. For simple hidden storage, choose anything that can open instantly, such as a vacuum cleaner bag compartment.

Buried Treasure

Roll up a bit of cash, then stick in a small bottle or any watertight container, then bury that in a plant. For faster access and to keep the dirt from getting under the fingernails, place a pine cone or stone over it. Not a lot of burglars can go to excavate around the houseplants.

Family Album

Nobody looks at the old photo albums, and also, people rarely throw them away. This is the reason why these are perfect for storing some emergency cash.


Keeping the stuff safe from possible burglars is essential. No matter if you have installed a security system or not, you could always have some extra protection. Rather than going out and purchasing expensive products such as safes for your house, use these secret hiding spots that burglars will never think of.