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Best Ways To Clean Your Vacuum


A vacuum is an electronic device that people use to suction debris and dust from floors, curtains, upholstery, carpets, etc. In a vacuum, the debris or dust collects in the dust bag or cyclone. The vacuum has become a popular device in people’s lives today. Now more and more people are working so they don’t have much time to spend cleaning their home, but vacuum cleaners help them do a cleaning of their home in a short time. Vacuums are available in many varieties like an upright vacuum, handheld vacuum, wheeled canister vacuum, domestic central vacuum, stick vacuum, backpack vacuum, bagless vacuum, etc. After the use of the vacuum, cleaning it is very important. If you want your vacuum always to work properly and clean your home, then clean it after some time. 

Clean Canister

With daily use of a vacuum cleaner, even if you can empty your vacuum dust canister still the grime can build in it with time. For cleaning the canister, choose plenty of space where you can easily wash it. The kitchen is the best option to clean the canister easily because you have the sink and trash. You can clean your canister in two ways. First, if you want to clean its gunk easily and quickly, then use a dishwasher for its cleaning. After emptying the canister, put it into the dishwasher’s bottom rack but make sure that it does not bump with the top rack. If it is, then you have to remove it. After setting the canister in the dishwasher, add some dishwasher detergent to the bottom of your dishwasher. Then start the gentle wash cycle with a timer of 3 to 4 minutes. After cleaning, give the canister some time to air dry completely, then place it in your vacuum. 

Another way of cleaning the canister is to clean it with warm water and a cleaning cloth with your hands. If you see any strains in it after cleaning, put some dishwasher soap in it, rub or scrub it with a brush, and then wash it. After that, use a neat and clean cloth to dry it out, put it aside for air drying, and then place it in your vacuum.

Clean Filters

There are mainly two types of filters in modern vacuums: foam filters and mesh filters. For mesh filter cleaning, wet it with warm water, put some detergent, scrub it with a brush, and wash it; after that, set it aside to dry it properly. You can clean or wash foam filters either with your hands or in the dishwasher. If you want to clean a foam filter with your hands, then firstly rinse it thoroughly to remove loose dirt and dust if it has, then rinse it under cold water and squeeze it. Do this process repeatedly until all dust is gone and the water runs clear. If you want to wash the filter in the dishwasher, then put it into the dishwasher with some dishwasher detergent after removing loose dust. After washing it, if you see any grime, then rinse it again. Foam filters take time to dry completely, so set them aside after washing or cleaning them with any process. 

Clean Vacuum Head 

Cleaning your vacuum head is very important because hair and fibers can get wrapped around the brush head. Removing the hair from the brush head is important so that the brush works effectively. You can clean the brush by removing it from the bottom of the vacuum or clean it as they attach to the vacuum. With the help of scissors, seam rippers, and pliers, you can clean the brush head of the vacuum. You can use seam rippers to cut hair wrapped around a vacuum brush and remove them, or you can use a plier to remove tangled hair and then cut it if the hair is long. If any dust and debris are present in the brush head, then use a cloth or a small brush to remove it from there. After removing dust and hair from the brush head, please take it to the sink, put some soap on it, scrub properly, then wash it, and at the end, set it aside for air to dry fully. 

Clean The Hose

If your vacuum does not suction properly, you may need to clean the vacuum’s hose. The hose has plenty of crannies and nooks in which dust and grime are stuck, which cause blockage. So there is a need to clean it after some interval. There are two ways to clean a vacuum hose. First, remove the hose from the vacuum and then use a bent wire hanger to clean dust and clogs from it. After that, take it into a bathroom or sink and run water from it. Then take a cleaning brush and put it into the hose, and try to clean it as far as you can get with the cleaning brush. You can use a toothbrush for cleaning debris and grime stuck around the wall of the hose.

Another way to clean the hose after removing it from the vacuum is to take it to the bathroom and sink, then run water from it so that any loose dust, dirt, clogs in it will come outside. After this, put approximately ½ cup of baking soda in the hose and then shake it to reach the whole hose. After a few minutes, steadily pour 2-2.5 cups of white vinegar into the hose and set it aside until it stops fizzing. Then rinse or wash it properly with hot water and hang it somewhere so that it dries completely. When it dries, place the hose in your vacuum.


With the help of vacuum cleaning, home cleaning has become easy and quick. But if you do not remove dust after use or clean their parts after some interval, it may stop working properly or be damaged. So cleaning the vacuum is very important for you. We hope that the above-discussed ways will help you to clean your vacuum easily and effectively.