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Best Ways To Keep Your Gutters Clean


Installing gutters helps direct water far from the home, therefore protecting it. If you don’t clean them regularly, they may trap water, damaging your home and roof. In addition, they accumulate debris with wind flowing, making them clog, break, or rust. It can also cause ice dams, which can force you to replace gutters.

Maintenance of gutters and downspouts is crucial unless you use gutter protectors or guards. But still, it is advisable to clean your gutter at least twice a year to protect your home. Many gadgets are available, like gutter scoops, garden hose, gutter hanger, etc., making it easy for you. Below are some great ways that will help keep your gutters clean.

Follow a Regular Schedule

Gutters usually demand cleaning twice a year. Once before the leaves fall and once after the leaves fall. However, this would depend on the environment and landscape around your house. For example, a house with many trees around needs more cleaning than those who reside in deserts. 

Invest in Gutter Guards or Covers

There are many styles of gutter protectors and gutter covers to meet your specific needs. Some cover part of the roof and gutter with a solid surface, which allows water to flow into the gutter below them, but prevents falling and flying objects from blocking them. 

Use Water Power

You can also use the power of water for your profit. For example, you can use a high-pressure washer to spray off the debris on the roof. However, to avoid damaging the gutter, use the pressure washer on a lower setting. Keep in mind to check all the fittings before starting to make sure no loose bolts can break because of the pressure.

Suck It In

Use the gutter cleaning kit to get the most use out of your store vacuum. If your store’s vacuum manufacturer doesn’t produce a gutter cleaning kit, search for a universal kit with at least 2.5 inches of opening. Most store vacuums offer you several options like: suck in leaves or blow them out. 

Blow It Away

Did you know leaf blowers can also work as gutter cleaners? You can find many universal gutter cleaner kits with adjustments for blowers in them, like angled tubing and extension wands. Some of these kits have extensions that can even eliminate the requirement of the ladder. 

Invest in the Right Tools

Traditional gutter cleaning methods can sometimes prove to be the best way. However, if you plan to do this all by yourself, please wear the correct equipment to ensure safety. For starters, equipment like a sturdy ladder, garden hose, gutter scoop, and gloves can help you. In addition, always keep a tarp to scatter debris. 

Trim or Cut Down Trees Near the Roofline

Rotting leaves, branches, and pine needles from overhanging trees near the roofline form most of the debris that gets deposited in the gutter due to wind. If this substance accumulates in the gutter for a long time, it will create a fertile environment for the seeds that fall from the tree, allowing them to sprout and begin to grow. To avoid this situation, trim the trees, so the debris falls to the ground instead of the gutter system.

Regularly Inspect the Gutters Year Round

Regular inspection of the gutters is necessary as they get clogged very fast. If you wish to save energy and time later, check for broken downspouts, loose gutters, and ice dams, especially in winters. Ensure to look for all of these problems year around.

Contact Your Local Gutter Company

If, because of some reason, you are unable to spend time or energy cleaning your gutter, then the next best alternative is to call a local gutter cleaning company. A trusted contractor would reduce your effort and time and help you pick the best protection for your home. 


A gutter system protects your home, but it can damage your home if you don’t maintain it properly. Clogged gutters due to leaves and other debris can cause water damage also. Many stylish gutters and leaf guards are available, but they cannot fulfill their function without regular cleaning.