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Best Ways To Organize Your Fridge


Every house has a fridge. It has become an essential appliance in your homes but keeping it organized is very important as it can save you space and ensure that everything is clean in your fridge and things are straightforward to find when you need to use them.

Overfilling Your Fridge Is Wrong

If you cannot see anything in your fridge because there are so many different things, you might need to empty it and remove some things. If there are too many things inside your fridge, the airflow will not be as good, and even the energy efficiency will be reduced. Do not leave your fridge empty either keep a few bottles of water at the very least so that your fridge can maintain the cool temperatures easily. Try and keep your fridge at least two-thirds full at all times. 

Avoid Cutting Fruits And Vegetables Before You Keep Them In The Fridge

If you keep them in the fridge after washing and cutting them, the fruits might get spoiled much faster. Try to wash your fruits and vegetables before keeping them in the fridge but only cut them when you want to eat them.

Do Not Keep Milk At The Door

Milk can get spoiled quickly, so it is best to keep it in places like the middle compartments as it can get cooled much better. The temperature is more consistent in the middle compartment. Keep things high in salt or vinegar in the door because these foods do not spoil as fast, and they can last very quickly even if they do not get too cold. 

Do Not Keep The Fruits And Vegetables In The Same Drawer

If your fruits and vegetables are inside the same drawer and you have a fridge with separate drawers for both, you should avoid mixing them up. This is because both these drawers have different functions. The fruit drawer has much lower humidity. This is because fruits do not rot as fast when they are in places of lower humidity. Vegetables wilt much slower when there is high moisture, so the vegetable drawer always has more humidity. Mixing fruits and vegetables in either of these drawers is not a good idea. However, strawberries are an exception, and this is because strawberries can remain fresh much longer when there is humidity. 

Store Portions Of Meat On The Lowest Shelf Or In The Freezer

If you store your meats in the freezer, that is the best because it will ensure that they can remain fit to consume for a long time. If you cannot leave it in the freezer, then keep it on the lowest shelf because, in this way, nothing can drip from the meat into other foods or make your fridge dirty and difficult to clean. Even if you place the meat on the lowest shelf, you can keep some tray below it to make it easy to clean your fridge.  

Trays, Baskets, And Bins Can Be Used In A Place

You might be using many different types of trays bins and baskets in your home, and it might be a good idea if you use these in your fridge as well because this can ensure that your friend is in order and nothing is out of place. Also, if you have anything like meat that might leave the fridge first, you can keep it as it becomes straightforward to clean. 

A Disorganized Fridge Can Lead To Food Being Wasted

There is a lot of food wasted every day, and one of the leading causes of this is people not knowing what is in their fridge. It might have happened to you too that you open your fridge and find something that you did not know you had, and now that food cannot be eaten because it is spoiled. Things like these can happen all the time, and it happens in many different places, and there is a lot of food wasted. If your fridge is well organized, you will know where all the foods are, and the food waste will also be reduced. Sometimes you might think that some item in your fridge is missing, but actually, it was already there with you, and that is why you must have all your food organized.

A Hack For Keeping The Fridge Clean

You can line your fridge with towels or tissue paper, which can keep your fridge much cleaner, and you will not have to wash it as often either. You can take off all the things and wash them separately, and your fridge will still look good the way that it should. It would be best to try this hack, and you will keep using it because this can save you lots of time, effort, and work.  

Remove The Packaging

Fruits and vegetables are usually sold in packages or boxes. You can remove these and put boxes of your own. Many times these boxes can take up a lot of space and fill up your space. The packages around the bottle etc., do not look very good in the fridge either, and if you remove all this, your fridge will look much better. You can use clear and see-through boxes, and in this way, you will be able to see everything in your fridge and use things when you want them. You will be able to see if anything is extra or if something is finishing, ensuring that no wastage of food happens either. 

Keep All Your Essentials Right In Front

There are things in everyone’s fridge that we use the most. It might be some spices, condiments, eggs, etc. Whatever that thing is for you, try to keep it somewhere in front where you can see it easily and access things easily. If you keep all your essentials away, then you might have to remove out a lot of things before you get what you want, and very soon, you will be left with a messy fridge because there might be a time when you cannot put everything back right where you found it, and this is not good for anyone. 


You can use all these things to make your fridge look much better, cleaner, and more organized. If you keep your fridge clean and organized, you will save a lot more food as there are fewer chances of your food being wasted. Even though this article is for organizing your fridge, if you follow all these ideas, you will realize that you have a lot more space, and these tips can make it easy for you to clean your fridge.