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Biggest Home Living Myths Debunked

These days the internet is full of different conflicting information, especially when it comes to the topic of home living. People seem to love sharing their opinions on what works and what doesn’t, but they are often just repeating things they heard from someone else. And all too often, this leads to spreading wives’ tales that can do more harm than good. So to help steer you in the right direction, this article is here with the truth behind some of the biggest home living myths!

Why Home Living Myths Spread So Easily

It’s no surprise that home-living myths have been so pervasive throughout time. With the rise of social media, misinformation is easier than ever to travel quickly and be accepted as fact. Such rumors are often from well-intended individuals who may not truly understand all the nuances behind what they are saying. Even if people are skeptical of one item on a list of home living tips, after seeing it shared seemingly everywhere – from friends’ timelines to noted blogs – these assessments can eventually seem like truth.

Furthermore, though many home living myths are harmless (if maybe not entirely effective), their debunking requires extensive research that is taken skeptically even after the correct version has been uncovered. It’s human psychology at its core – sometimes, people tend to trust bits of information confirming their preconceptions.

You Can Save Money By Skipping A Home Inspection

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It may be tempting to save money by not having a professional home inspection before purchasing a house, but it’s unlikely to result in savings because most lenders will require one as part of the loan process, and this cost is usually worked into your monthly payments anyways. Skipping a home inspection can cost you more in the long run if there are unseen problems with the property that aren’t uncovered until later.

That’s why it is essential for homeowners to always get a quality expert home inspection prior to signing any purchase agreements or loan contracts; doing so could potentially save thousands down the line by ensuring that all necessary repairs and upgrades are efficiently identified and taken care of ahead of time.

Eco-Friendly Cleaners Are Safer To Use

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Using eco-friendly cleaning products can often be assumed to be the same as using natural or non-toxic cleaning products. However, this is not always the case; many ‘eco-friendly’ cleaners are simply strengthened cleaners with a few additional chemicals added in an attempt to make them more effective. While these products may not contain the most damaging ingredients, such as bleach or ammonia, their toxins might remain hazardous if mishandled.

Rather than thinking that all ‘eco-friendly’ cleaners are universally safe, consumers need to look into what the particular cleaner contains and ensure they use it with caution and appropriate protective gear to help reduce any risks associated with handling it.

All Home Improvement Projects Are Expensive

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While it may seem logical to assume that making changes or improvements to your home will cost a fortune, this is simply not true. Especially with so many DIY options available, there are plenty of ways to fix up your home and save money simultaneously. For example, if you want to add some space or additional shelving in your closet, plenty of budget-friendly tutorials online walk you through the process step by step.

On top of that, the average home improvement project cost tends to be lower than you might expect, according to studies by the real estate site Zillow. So if you want to put off making changes because you think it will break the bank – don’t!

Non-Stick Cookware Can Be Dangerous

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Despite popular belief, non-stick cookware is not as dangerous as many think. Of course, certain health risks are associated with using non-stick pans; however, these risks arise when the pan’s coating starts to chip or flake off because of overuse and improper handling. When this happens, the harmful chemicals from the coating can be seeped into your food and ingested by you, potentially leading to health issues.

However, with proper care and maintenance of your non-stick pan, you can prevent potential dangers. Make sure to never use metal utensils on it, hand wash it with a soft sponge, don’t clean with scouring pads or harsh chemicals, and never put it in the dishwasher—these small steps can go a long way in preserving your non-stick cookware for years to come!

Brand New Homes Require Less Maintenance

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It’s a common thought that brand-new homes require less maintenance than older homes, and while this may be true in some cases, it’s a myth. Brand new construction is not necessarily 100% problem-proof; as with any other home, issues may arise. Without the right proactive preventative maintenance strategy, a lack of attention can lead to structural problems or aggravations such as water leaks and roof maintenance.

Owners need to recognize this potential for problems and take steps to diminish them. Taking care of minor maintenance projects as soon as they are noticed helps save money in the long run and keeps the home looking beautiful for years to come!

Steam Cleaning Is The Only Way To Get Carpet Clean

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So many people believe that steam cleaning is the only way to clean carpets properly. However, this is a myth! The truth is that there are several different carpet cleaning methods, each with its pros and cons. Dryer (or bonnet) cleaning uses a dry chemical-soaked pad attached to a machine that agitates the carpet fibers. Hot water extraction (also known as steam or shampoo cleaning) injects hot water and detergent deep into the carpet’s fibers and then vacuums it up.

And finally, foam shampoo cleaning entails spraying shampoo onto the carpet, letting it sit and absorb dirt before being vacuumed up. So while steam cleaning can be effective, it isn’t always the most appropriate method for every job. It’s essential to consider your options before deciding which type of carpet cleaning is best for you.

Don’t Believe These Home Living Myths!

While it is easy to see why people would believe most of these, interestingly enough, the truth is that many of these are myths. Whether it’s skipping a home inspection to save money or steam cleaning being the only way to get your carpets clean, there are plenty of home-related “facts” out there that simply aren’t true. The reality is that making home improvements and ensuring proper home maintenance requires time, money, and effort. But the right approach can be well worth it in the end!