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Choosing The Best Wood For New Deck


A deck is a great place to relax while enjoying the fresh air outside. However, some factors should be considered when picking out the perfect type of wood for your deck.

To have a successful project, it’s necessary to consider all aspects before beginning work on your new deck by researching which type of wood would best suit your needs. This article will discuss what you should look for when buying wood for your decking needs and why this decision is so important.

How To Choose

So how to choose the best wood for your new deck? When you’re looking for a material to use for your deck, the best thing to do is assess your needs and what you expect from your deck so that you can choose a type of wood perfectly suited to avoid pitfalls down the line. The most important factors when choosing a type of wood are:

  • resistance to insects, rot, water damage
  • price
  • appearance.
  • How long it lasts


Cedar is a beautiful type of wood that resists rot and insects, has a powerful aroma, and is naturally resistant to decay. The bark of cedar trees contains high levels of tannin, which makes the tree resistant to fire damage.

This type of wood comes in many different colors ranging from yellowish browns to purplish reds. It is extremely difficult to work with, which means that installation costs will be much higher when working with this particular material.

Cedar decking boards can cost anywhere from $4 to $12 per foot, depending on its quality and characteristics. Being one of the most popular types of decking materials, cedar also adds value to your home while also increasing the resale price for your house if you ever wanted to sell.


Pine is another extremely popular type of wood used for decking purposes. It’s more resistant to insects than cedar, but it doesn’t last as long. It can come in different colors, it’s more widely available than some other types of woods, and the price tag is generally more affordable than most other materials, including cedar.

According to some, pine has a poorer appearance compared to other types of wood since the grain patterns are less distinct, which gives it an unappealing look when looking at where your feet will be walking on the boards.

The main advantage of this material is that it can be found anywhere without having to resort to paying higher prices for rarer materials like teak or ipe. The best types of pine for decking purposes are white pine and yellow pine, as long as you’re careful not to pick a softer type that will wear out faster.


Teak is a type of wood that can last up to 40 years without showing any signs of wear and tear. It’s extremely dense, which means that it’s the heaviest type of decking material, making installation more costly than other types.

Teak has an extremely smooth grain which gives it a warm feeling when looking at it. The natural oils in teak make this type of wood resistant to insects, but bear in mind that there are some bugs like termites that will still be able to devour your deck if given the chance. 

For those who want something unique or simply love the look of wood with warm tones, teak is definitely worth considering since  it’s one of the most beautiful types of decking materials with its smooth, golden grains.


If you’re looking for the decking material that will last the longest, ipe is your best choice. This type of wood can last up to 75 years without showing any signs of wear.  it’s also extremely dense, which means that it’s also one of the heaviest types available on the market.

The price tag for this type of wood is much higher than other materials since you’ll need fewer pieces but bear in mind that ipe has no insect resistance whatsoever, so if you have an issue with termites, you should avoid using this kind of decking material at all costs .


If you want a type of wood that is extremely resistant to rot and insects, you should consider redwood. This type of material has been on the market for decades, and it’s highly stable, which means that it has no tendency to shrink or expand over time. It also holds up well against fire or water damage, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Keep in mind that redwood can be extremely susceptible to sunlight which means that using a clear stain is the best option as it will protect your deck without making it too dark. You can find redwood at most home improvement stores, hardware stores, and lumberyards.

Redwood decking can be pretty expensive, ranging from $30-$75 a square foot, depending on the quality.

Composite Wood

Composite materials are made of recycled wood fibers, plastics, and other types of material that are compressed together, giving this type of decking a unique look that resembles more expensive materials. Composite decks are almost always waterproof, which means that they’re perfect for the harsh conditions of hot climates while also looking very elegant when installed on your home.

This particular kind of lumber is highly resistant to insect infestations, but it’s not as durable as some other types since the outer coating can sometimes be worn off or damaged with time, leaving you with exposed wooden fibers underneath.

For those who want an eco-friendly alternative to traditional decks and plastic materials, composite is definitely worth considering, although it can be a little more expensive to buy and install compared to some of the other cheaper options on this list.


Choosing the best type of material for your deck is all about getting what you’re looking for in terms of beauty, durability, quality, and budget. Some materials are more expensive, but they last longer, while other less expensive options have a shorter lifespan, so it’s up to you to decide which one is the right choice based on how much time and effort you want to invest!