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Cool Plants That Need No Attention


People love having greenery in their homes. The plants and trees add to the beauty of any home. Not only do they help you feel energized, but they also lead to a better focus on every task that you do. Plants and trees in your home have several noted benefits:

Help To Breathe Pure Air

The plants and trees planted in-home help curb harmful toxins present in the air. In addition, the pure air helps you improve your health and stay energized.

They Enhance The Aesthetics Of The Place

Plants help the place become aesthetically pleasing and enhance the overall beauty of the place. They brighten up the area and improve the overall visual appeal.

They Help In Improving The Mental Health

Greens in the house positively impact a person’s mental health. In addition, the creative side of a person enhances and brings a sense of satisfaction and calm.

The Life Quality Improves

With greenery around the home, people feel a sense of ownership and companionship. As a result, life improves and leads to a great experience.

Stay Stress-Free

lants can quickly help you forget all the stress. The green color positively impacts the overall thought process, and you forget about the stress that nags you.

The Process Is Therapeutic

The whole process of growing your plants is therapeutic. It helps reduce depression or anxiety. Thus gardening is gaining a lot of importance because of the inherent benefits.

Overall, plants can instantly uplift your mood, boost your creativity, and improve your health. But at times, it may sound challenging to grow certain plants. You may not necessarily have a green thumb, so gardening may sound complicated. You may be worried about the water requirements, potting mix, sunlight, and manure. But here is a list of plants that are the easiest to grow.

Air Plants

Air plants are aesthetically pleasing, beautiful-looking plants that do not need any soil to grow. They are the easiest plants to grow. You need to soak them in water 1-2 times in two weeks and keep them away from direct light. They are the best indoor plants as they need indirect light to stay alive.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another such species that sounds just perfect. You need not water them regularly and do not need your attention to growing. Instead, it needs indirect bright light to grow and water them 1-2 times a month.


There can be nothing more effortless than growing a lucky bamboo plant. Just put the bamboo sticks in water and replace the water once in 2 months. The lucky bamboo plant needs less light, so it proves to be an ideal indoor plant.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are the easiest to grow indoor plants as they need limited lighting. Snake plants are the best to be placed in windowless rooms. They may also grow in indirect bright light. They enhance the overall aesthetics of the room and need significantly less moisture. You may water them once a month or only when the soil dries up.

Spider Plant

Spider plant is another indoor plant that needs very little care and attention to grow. They look visually pleasing when grown in a hanging basket near a window and thrive in indirect bright light. They need to be watered weekly and are non-toxic to pets.

Money Plant

Money plants are again easy to maintain. They can quickly grow in partial sunlight and are commonly grown indoor plants. You need to water them 1-2 times a week or when the soil dries up. They can enhance the beauty of the place instantly.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are the easiest vibrant greens to grow in your home. They need water only when the leaves start to droop. It is the easiest sign to know that the plant needs water. Overwatering may be bad for the plant.


Pothos plants are again great houseplants that do not need direct sunlight. They can easily survive in either dry or wet soil. They are also called the devil’s ivy as they are almost resistant to death. Pothos can be found in various beautiful variations and colors like neon, marble queen, and golden pattern. Place them in indirect light and water them 1-2 times a week.


Succulents are a prevalent species of indoor plants. These beautiful plants need to be watered monthly and kept in indirect bright light. Most varieties are non-toxic. Plush Plant, Wax Rosette, and the Tree Cactus varieties are the easiest bets.


The Anthuriums are red heart-shaped flower that needs very little attention to blossom. They also need bright indirect light and less moist soil. You need to water them only when the soil dries up. Watering just once a week is more than enough for these beautiful blooms.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants offer to be one of the easiest starter plants. They need to be watered just once a month and need very low light to survive. They are perfect for your coffee table, and their black variation can be aesthetically pleasing and stunning.


These plants are some fantastic options for having greenery around your place. They are the easiest to grow, maintain, and enhance the overall beauty of the space. So go for these greens and enjoy the benefits of having plants around you.