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Different Uses And Tips For Dryer Sheets


If dryer sheets have been ruling your laundry days, then no one can judge you. The laundry sheets work like magic, from the soft fragrance that the sheets leave behind to the clothes coated with a smooth texture. But applying the same power to the other daily cleaning routines makes these dryer sheets a true savior. So, what is stopping you from trying these dryer sheet hacks? So, stock up on those dryer sheets, for you’ll need them a lot more!

Spread The Fragrance

Use the dryer sheets as an all-purpose deodorizer. Be it shoes or gym bags, stuff a few dryer sheets into them or leave them overnight (as in shoes) and see the odor disappear. Most of the scented dryer sheets can remove the common funky smell you encounter in your daily life. 

Air Freshener

Freshen up the air around with this quick dryer sheet hack. Tape some dryer sheets in the air vents or fans, so air passes through them. Use this to cover up the stale smell of your homes, offices, or even cars! Within seconds the air will carry the scents of the sheets and freshen the entire room.

Tackle Deodorant Stains

Deodorants leave behind stains on some of the clothes. If the unruly stains don’t budge on rubbing, them using a dryer sheet might help. Take a used dryer sheet and vigorously rub them over the stain until the stain comes out. 

Remove Dust

Dryer sheets are a perfect tool to wipe any surface in your home, including television screens or window blinds. The anti-static property in the sheets helps to remove the dust without any static build-up. Hence, they are easy to clean, and at the same time, they don’t damage the objects as they are mild in nature. Dampen the dryer sheet and run them over any surface that attracts dust. 

Clean The Iron

Irons are bound to have many build-ups on the surface. The build-up can leave behind a stain on the next set of clothes. An easy way to remove the stains is to wipe the iron with a damp dryer sheet. 

Repel Bugs

They are a perfect way to keep pesky bugs at bay, be it mosquitoes or rodents. The dryer sheets have proven quite meticulous in keeping the bugs at bay and hence are the perfect companion for your camping nights. You can also use them to clean the bugs off your cars. Wet the sheets and run over the surfaces you wish to clean. The sheets remove both dust and bugs from the car without damaging the finish. 

Make A Fire Starter

Dryer sheets will not only save you from bites of insects but will help you start a fire in case of emergency during your camping adventures. Burn the dryer sheets and use them as fire starters. Alternatively, you can prepare some fire starters using the dryers sheets and the lint residues. Pack them up in waterproof bags and light them up whenever you need to start some fire. 

Fix The Scissors

The blades of the scissors get blunt after successive usage. A quick fix for this is to rub a used dryer sheet over them to work like new! Alternatively, you can use scissors to cut through the sheets a few times. Then, as the blades rub against the surface, they’ll get sharpened and cleaned simultaneously.

Scrub Dirty Pots

We cannot save you from burning the pots, but here is a way to get that unruly stain off them. The simplest way is to boil water in the pot and scrape off the residues. However, if this does not work, let it soak with water overnight. Add a fresh dryer sheet to enhance the effect. 

Clean Up Pet Hair

Dryer sheets can work as hair grabbers. By nullifying the static power, they’ll help to neutralize all the hair. So, you need not worry about pet hairs running all over the floor and your upholsteries. Just grab a sheet and rub them along the surface. As the hair gets detached from the surface, run a lint roller over them to catch all the excess hair. 

Soap Scum Remover

The hard water leaves a lot of soap scums. It becomes a tedious workload to clean these scums as they form a layer over different surfaces in the bathroom, especially the floors, shower doors, and bathtubs. So instead, use a damp dryer sheet to rub the grime off these surfaces. 

Remove Crayon Marks

It is hard to keep children’s hands off the walls, especially when they want to showcase their inner Picasso. But a messy wall is not easy, especially when it comes to the main halls. Use a dryer sheet to remove the crayon stains from the walls and other surfaces. 

Deep Clean Toilets

Toilets are one of the most challenging places to clean. You have to take care of the mold that forms on the toilets, the grime that sticks to the walls, the rings, and the smell that constantly persists. Though a thorough cleaning routine will require time and products, a quick fix is using the dryer sheets. Use the dryer sheets to clean the bathroom rings and leave a beautifully smelling toilet. 

Goodbye Static

It is not just clothes that suffer the brunt of static. Let the winters come, and you’ll find yourself as the top victim. Be it the frizzy hair that won’t respond to the combs or the unruly bunch of hair that find their way to your sweaters, the static have random effects on random things. But with dryer sheets, you can limit them. Just rub the dryer sheets over the clothes or the comb to smoothen the things out. 

Collect The Fine Particles

Similar to how these sheets remove dust and dirt, the sheets can capture fine particles like sand and flour. The sheets let the powders cling to them, thereby cleaning the surfaces and body. Hence, put some clean dryer sheets on standby to effectively remove the sands or accident kitchen spills.


Dryer sheets are a quick fix to help you deal with stains, bugs, and smells. Use the above hacks, and you’ll discover many more uses along the same lines! And the best part is, you can even find a use for the used dryer sheets, thus upcycling the waste to the core.