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DIY Package Drop Box


Do you ever worry about a package going missing from your front door? Or an important box getting wet from sitting in the rain for days while you are gone on vacation? With this package dropbox, you will no longer have to worry about these problems. It is customizable to the amount of space available on your patio. A sign can be stuck on that box so that the delivery driver can flip the lid and place the parcel inside. 

Step 1: Design And Determine Needed Measures

For starters, decide where you will keep the box and measure the area. The size of the box should be suitable for handling envelopes and boxes. But, if you want it to have a capacity of holding a lot of boxes, then measure the dimensions accordingly. 

Step 2: Chop Lumber And Plywood 

Chop off your plywood and lumber as per the specifications. It is always wise to double measure to ensure that you do not waste lumber. Some also find it helpful to obtain dimensions from a large packing box. This way, you can envision the size of the box in the space you want it located. 

Step 3: Assemble Lumber And Plywood

As an example, specific dimensions are included. The third step is to compile the box’s contour in 3-inch screws. The box contour would be 34 ¼ inches tall. We’ll be putting several screws in each juncture, counterbalancing them, inspecting them, and counterbalancing them in different orientations, so the screws don’t strike each other. We will use 34 inches two by twos as the uprights. Use 17 inches two by twos for the walls. Gather two rectangles, then attach them with three 19 ¼ inches, two by two pieces and one 19 ¼ one by two. The one by two will be at the ceiling. Rectangles, then join them with three 19 ¹/⁴ inches, two by two chunks, and one 19 ¼ inches, one by two. The one by two will be at the top front edge of the packet drop box. 

Step 4: Add Door Divider To Package Dropbox

Our full dropbox will have two doors, one at the top and the other one below. The door at the top will be small, and the door which is down will be enormous. For that, we will take the remaining 19 ¼ inches, two by twos and one by twos of the same size. Set up the one by two parallel to the two by two but counterbalance them by ¾ inches. Join these two assembled pieces in place at point 7 ¼ inches down from the cross portion above, secure it using two screws at each edge. The one by one will be stridden down and dangled below the two by two on the backside. This will allocate from the beginning, so there’s a space above that’s seven ¼ inches high and opening below about 25 inches tall. 

Step 5: Add Middle Section To Package Dropbox 

Place two 17 inches two by two chunks front to back, so the tops of these portions are 16 inches beneath the box frame’s top. Join these pieces with a cross pin and place it 7 inches from the interior from the front up straight.

Insert the screwdrivers into the ends of the cross brace, making it look like a pivot.

Step 6: Build An Internal Slide Shelf

The next step is building a slope for parcels to slip down once inside the door opening. We will use the chuck of plywood that measures 13 inches x 19 inches and 1-inch screws. Place the plywood to the one by two of the door separator slab used in the above steps and the cross part near the box frame’s interior. Keep in mind to tilt the cross piece at an angle to match the shelf’s slope. 

Step 7: Screw-On Plywood Sides And Place Top Piece

Utilizing one ¼ inches screws, join the box’s sides so that the top hems line up with the top of the box frame. To place the chief portion in position, join the top in the box frame. But, keep in mind to stick out the back to cover the density of the plywood you are using. 

Step 8: Place Upper Door

Place the tug for the upper door, tag the places, screw the screws into position. Place two-panel hooks to the one by two barrier at the top of the frame. Now join the upper door to the other side of the themes. 

Step 9: Mount Lower Swinging Door 

Now we will calculate the downward door’s height, cut an inch, and chop a hook to that length. Utilize two screws to place one side of the theme to the outside rim of the frame. Grip the gate in position, point the area, and steady it with screws. Hold up, examine the arrangement, adjust if essential. Once it is in place, drive the rest of the screws through the hook’s wings in the box frame and gate. 

Step 10: Install Latches 

We would need latches or locks to keep our parcels safe. There are many types of latches available in markets; you can use any of them. 

We are using a child safety cabinet lock because there is no visible way to open the bottom gate and no handle to tug it open. The latch requires a magnetic key to unclasp it. Just hold the key in the correct place, and the door will open. 

Step 11: Fixing The Mounting Plates

By joining your parcel’s dropbox to a solid material, i.e., wood, you can prep the mounting plates before securing them to the box frame. To fix mounting plates made from two by four, use two screws at both board’s edges and tighten the two by fours into position. 

Step 12: Attach The Back

In the end, screw the back piece of plywood in position with the top rim folded under the dangling lid. 

Step 13: Paint The Box

Paint the box according to your choice. We painted our package to fit with the siding of our new home. And your package drop is ready!


This package drop box is perfect for those receiving packages often. It ensures your packages are kept safe and dry. You can make this box fit any area and paint it to match the surroundings.