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Dog Breeds That Won’t Shed All Over

Shedding might be a significant consideration if you decide between dog breeds. Because if you’re like most people, you probably don’t enjoy vacuuming up dog hair every day. It’s frustrating and time-consuming. That’s why it’s crucial to find a breed that isn’t constantly losing hair all over the house. To help you out, this post will give you a list of some of the best breeds that don’t shed and leave a mess everywhere. So whether you’re looking for a big or small dog, this list will have something for you!

The Nightmare That Is Dog Hair

They say that dogs are man’s best friend. But they don’t tell you that dog hair is everyone’s worst enemy. It somehow manages to get everywhere–in your clothes, on your carpet, in your food. No matter how often you vacuum, there’s always a layer of dog hair waiting to greet you. And good luck getting rid of it once it’s on your furniture; those little hairs seem to have a magnetic attraction to couches and chairs. Not to mention that dogs constantly shed, so there’s never a break from the battle against dog hair. So, in short, living with a dog that sheds means living with a never-ending supply of hair. But luckily, there are plenty of breeds that won’t give you as much of a problem!

Miniature Schnauzer

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The miniature schnauzer is a popular breed of dog known for its small size and playful personality. But one of the most appealing features of this breed is its hypoallergenic coat. This is a massive benefit for people with allergies, as it reduces the amount of dander and hair in the environment. But how does the miniature schnauzer achieve this impressive feat? The key lies in the structure of the coat itself. Unlike most other breeds of dogs, which have a double coat with an outer layer of guard hairs and an inner layer of downy fur, the miniature schnauzer has a single coat composed entirely of wiry hairs. These hairs are not only less likely to shed, but they also trap dander and allergens, preventing them from circulating in the air. As a result, the miniature schnauzer is an ideal breed for people who want to avoid shedding.


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The Maltese is a small breed of dog in the toy group. They are descendants of the Spitz-type dogs and were originally bred in the Mediterranean island country of Malta. The Maltese is one of the oldest toy breeds, and you can trace its history back over two millennia. Despite their long history, Maltese only became popular in the Western world in the nineteenth century. They are still prized as companion dogs and are known for their affectionate nature and devotion to their  owners. Maltese are also known for being hypoallergenic, meaning they produce less dander than other breeds of dogs and are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction in people with allergies to dogs. In addition, Maltese do not shed, making them a good choice for people looking for a low-maintenance dog when it comes to grooming. While they may require extra care to keep their coats clean and prevent mats from forming, Maltese are generally a relatively easy breed to take care of.

Shih Tzu

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Many people are surprised to learn that Shih Tzus don’t shed. This is because their fur consists of two types of hair: the outer coat, which is long and silky, and the undercoat, which is short and dense. The undercoat helps insulate the dog from cold weather, and the outer coat protects the elements. Because of this double layer of fur, Shih Tzus require regular grooming to prevent mats and tangles. However, unlike other breeds with similar coats, Shih Tzus don’t shed very much. This means they are a good choice for people allergic to pet dander. In addition, Shih Tzus are relatively small dogs, making them a good choice for people who live in apartments or small homes.

Irish Terrier

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If you want a furry friend known for its bold personality and fearless nature, the Irish Terrier may be the breed for you. They were originally bred to hunt small prey, such as rats and foxes, but they also make great family pets. But what sets them apart from other terriers is their low-shedding coat. The Irish Terrier’s fur is wiry and tightly packed, requiring regular grooming to maintain its appearance. However, their coat traps dander and allergens, making them a good choice for people with allergies. Not only do Irish Terriers not shed much, but they also have minimal “dog odor,” meaning that even those with sensitive noses won’t be bothered by the typical “wet dog” smell. So if you want a bold and spirited companion who won’t leave hair and stink up your house, the Irish Terrier may be the breed for you.


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Maybe the most famous breed on this list, poodles come in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. Despite their fancy appearance, poodles are excellent hunting dogs known for their intelligence and trainability. Poodles have a unique type of fur called “curly” or “corded.” This type of fur is composed of tight coils, and because of that, poodles do not shed. In addition, their coat traps dander and allergens, making them a hypoallergenic breed for those with allergies to dogs. If you want a full-size poodle, be prepared for regular grooming to maintain their signature look. However, their non-shedding coats make them a low-maintenance choice for people looking for a hypoallergenic companion. So don’t let their fancy appearance fool you – poodles make great family dogs worth considering if you want a furry friend.

Afghan Hound

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The Afghan Hound is a beautiful dog breed with a luxurious coat. And like all the dogs on this list, one of the benefits of owning an Afghan Hound is they don’t shed. This lack of shedding is because Afghan Hounds have single coats, which means they only have one layer of fur. And although that layer can grow long and require regular grooming, it won’t end up all over your house. However, Afghan Hounds are not just a pretty face (or coat) – they were originally bred as hunting dogs and still retain their speed and athletic ability. So if you want a beautiful and active companion, the Afghan Hound may be the breed you are looking for.

Consider These Dog Breeds That Won’t Shed All Over!

There are many dog breeds out there, and it can be overwhelming to find one that fits your lifestyle and allergies. But fear not – the list above includes some great low-shedding options for those looking for a furry friend who won’t leave hair all over their house. From a small dog like the Shih Tzu to a big dog like the Afghan Hound, these breeds have unique personalities and qualities that make them stand out from the pack. So consider one of these breeds the next time you search for a companion who won’t shed all over your home.