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Easiest Dog Breeds to Housetrain


When it comes to adopting a dog, you look for certain characteristics in them. For instance, you make sure the pet you get is loyal and friendly, and above all else, easy to train. There’s nothing more frustrating than a stubborn pet that doesn’t listen to you. And if you are someone with a hectic routine and busy life in general, raising a disobedient dog may put you out of sorts.

Check out our list below to learn about the best dog breeds that are easiest to housetrain:

1.     Border Collie

Known for its unlimited stamina and energy, the border collie is a highly active and playful family pet. It belongs to working dog breeds at heart, so if it doesn’t get high-level exercise or mental stimulation, the border collie may grow bored and naughty. This means the border collie loves getting trained. Since they are smart and intelligent, it doesn’t take long to train them in a way that fits your lifestyle.

2.     Poodles

Next on our list of the easiest dog breeds to housetrain is poodles. The dog breed is super intelligent and obedient, so naturally, it is easy to train. Poodles make for a wonderful addition to the family because they are friendly and low-maintenance. They have minimal shedding and come in three different varieties – standard poodle, miniature poodle, and toy poodle, each of which is one-of-a-kind.

3.     Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are one of the best family pets out there. They are very loving and caring. They love to seek their owner’s attention and impress them in whichever way they can. To please their owner, Labrador retrievers are willing to go to great lengths. That’s part of the reason why the dog breed is so easy to train as well as play and socialize with both humans and other pets.

When training the retriever, you should watch out for the quantity and type of treat you give it to. Excessive treats can mess with the health of your pet, so be mindful about the intake.

4.     German Shepherd

Compared to other working dogs, German Shepherds are far easier to train. They are good at comprehending and fulfilling commands.

Of all types of training, German Shepherds perform best in task training. They love children and are devoted to their families, so they listen to their commands and do as they are told. In this regard, German Shepherds are extremely loyal. They like to please their owner(s) and can be protective of them.

5.     Bearded Collie

Originally, the bearded collie was developed in Scotland to herd sheep and cattle. Today, it’s prized for being excellent family companions. Apart from that, the dog breed can function as show dogs as well as working sheepdogs.

The purebred is agile and vigorous. It likes to be on its paws, so naturally, the breed loves getting exercised and trained by its owners. Energetic, attentive, and intuitive, there is no dog breed like the bearded collie. On top of all these qualities, the pet dog is caring and affectionate.

6.     Havanese

The Havanese is small and super adorable, but these traits shouldn’t overshadow the fact that the breed is quite smart and intelligent. Overall, the Havanese has a charming personality. Its silky double coat, cuddly size, and expressive eyes make the dog breed a lovely family companion.

Havanese dogs are also trainable. Many pet owners adopt young Havanese pups so they can easily be housetrained and grow up to be well-behaved dogs.

7.     Boxer

The boxer is a good-tempered dog breed that learns new commands and tasks in no time. According to the American Kennel Club, the boxer is an active and energetic dog. They enjoy both physical and mental activities and are eager to learn, play, and socialize. Owing to their innate intelligence, boxers are intuitive and purposeful. They have a mind of their own and a personality worth adopting!

8.     Golden Retriever

For first-time pet owners, the golden retriever makes for an amazing pet. It’s easy to train and look after. The dog breed has a playful and joyful personality. Easy to socialize and quick to train, you will find no trouble in adjusting a golden retriever to your lifestyle.

Extremely smart and intelligent, the Golden Retriever patiently listens to its owner’s commands and obeys them as is. All in all, teaching a golden retriever is a piece of cake!

9.     Australian Shepherd

The best thing about Australian Shepherds is that they can literally learn anything you teach them. But you will need to keep them occupied, so they don’t get bored and mischievous.

To keep them entertained and interested, you can devise new mentally and physically stimulating games for them. This will give them an opportunity to learn something new and keep themselves amused and pleased.

10. Norwich Terrier

Norwich terriers shouldn’t be taken lightly, even though they are tiny and cute. The dog breed likes to be on the go. It thrives on physical as well as mental challenges for they are obedient learners and smart companions. Originally, the Norwich Terrier belonged to a working terrier so you can imagine it to be loyal and hardworking.


Here’s ending our list of the easiest dog breeds to housetrain. All of these dogs make for the best cuddly buddies ever. They are easy to have around and are super loving and caring to their owners. Not just that but these dog breeds are good to children and strangers as well. Don’t second-guess and adopt your favorite one today!