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Easy DIY Ideas for Your House


For those looking for an interesting way to spend their time in quarantine, or anyone wondering ways to make their house more personalized and beautiful, we have launched some incredible tips to indulge in easy DIY home projects that are absolutely worth it. Let’s have a look at them!

1.    Create a Chalkboard Wall


JSYK, your chalkboard doesn’t necessarily have to be black. It can be of any color you like.

Chalkboard paint is a fun way to alter your room with the slightest effort. It works best for the kitchen and your kid’s room. You can DIY it by using grout or acrylic paint and make your chalkboard wall colorful and creative.

2.    Make Mosaic Mirrors from Old CDs


Have a bunch of old CDs at home? Well, use them to create mosaic mirrors. Break the CDs into tiny pieces and stick them together to create a gorgeous frame for your mirror. When light strikes on it, it creates a beautiful colorful effect.

3.    DIY Frame Shelves

You can hang these frame shelves in any wall of your room and use them to display your books, small indoor plants, or anything your heart desires.

For a DIY frame shelf, you can re-use your old frames and attach wood around the edges or paint them in a fun, creative way. Hang them on your walls and transform your room in an instant!

4.    DIY Light Fixtures

There are multitudes of cool DIY light fixtures to illuminate your humble abode.

You can use mason jars or any other glassware at home to light up your kitchen counter or your dining space. Simply place candelabras in your glass jars and tada! For a more unique home décor idea, you can consider a charming branch tree full of lights. This branch tree chandelier is something you can have in your living space or drawing room and add grandiosity in the easiest way possible.

5.    Washi Tape Photo Display

There’s no better way to customize your home than having a wall dedicated to your loved ones. A collection of photos such as a memorable party, a winter getaway, or a summer trip can make for cool, personal wall art.

No need to frame them up. Just have them stick on your walls using fun, creative washi tapes (easily available at an art & craft shop).

No matter which of these DIY ideas for your house you choose, make sure it is personalized. Your rooms should show off your personality, whether it is cool and creative, loud and funky, or quiet and calm!