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Eliminate Dust With These 10 Hacks


Dusting is significant because your house can collect a lot of dust over time, and maybe you are among those people who hate dusting. If that is the case, then you will love all these tips. Dusting might not be fun, but there are ways to ensure that your work gives a good result.

Do Not Start With The Floor

If you begin to dust your house, you must wash your floor last. This is because you should always begin cleaning everything in your home from the top place and then moving down. When you begin to dust your house, the dust from the top reaches the bottom, and if you have already cleaned this, you will have to clean your floor again. 

Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

If you use environmentally friendly cleaning products, it is better for you and the environment. Some cleaning products are very harsh, and these can have side effects on you and the environment. When you use harsh cleaning products, they can cause a lot of damage to the products you use them on. Avoid products that have ingredients like sodium hydroxide, ammonia, chlorides, etc. 

Use Proper Dusting Tools

You must use tools made for dusting itself because these will ensure that you get the cleanest experience possible, and you also do not damage the places you clean. You can cause some items: a microfiber cloth, compressed air, baby wipes, broom, cleaning gloves, paintbrushes, ceiling fan duster, or a lambswool duster. 

A microfiber cloth is a handy cloth when it comes to cleaning your products. This is because it can absorb the dust well, and it does not leave any dust behind. When compared to other cloths, these cloths clean surfaces much better.

You could also use a brush to clean spaces that are deep and difficult to reach. Vacuum cleaners are helpful when it comes to cleaning dust from many different places. 

For Cleaning Leather Furniture

Even a tea bag can help you clean up your leather furniture. In a container, take half a cup of black tea, half a cup of vinegar, and three-fourths of a cup of olive oil and mix it all in a container. You can use a microfiber cloth and rub this on your leather surfaces. The olive oil can help to increase the life of your leather furniture.

For Cleaning Electronic Appliances

Many of us might be cleaning our appliances a lot, and it might be clean from the outside, but inside there might be a lot of dust accumulated over a long time. To clean the exterior of any appliance, you can use a microfiber cloth about once in two weeks. You could also dip the microfiber cloth in some cleaning solution and use that to clean your appliances. You can use a brush to clean areas of your appliances that are more difficult to reach. Using a paintbrush might be a good idea because there is no risk of damaging any part internally. You can use a vacuum cleaner as well to clean your electronics.

To Clean Refrigerators

The dust from the outside of the refrigerator can be cleaned up using a cloth or some vacuum cleaner. If you wish to clean the area behind the fridge where the coil is placed, you can use a brush to unsettle the dirt and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. 

Use The Static Force Of Upholstered Furniture

On all upholstered furniture, dirt and dust do not get easily removed. One easy way to use is to use static energy to pull out the dust from other particles. You can wear a rubber glove, and you can then rub this glove over the surface and create static force, which will attract all the dust particles and end up with clean furniture. 

Use An Old Pillowcase To Clean Your Fans 

You can put an old pillowcase on the blades of your fan, and then you can pull the cloth back so that it cleans the fan blade. The dirt and dust will remain inside the cloth, which will keep your floor clean, so if you clean your floor before you clean the fan, you will still be safe, and there will not be any extra work you have to do. 

Cleaning Your Keyboard

Commonly, your keyboard gets filled with lots of dust over time. This can spoil your keyboard and decrease your typing speed as well. Move your keyboard upside down and shake it so that all the dust can come out, then you can clean all the areas in between the keys by using a small piece of cotton. 


As much as you clean things, dust will keep coming onto them. The best thing that you can do is try and reduce the places that dust comes from. Try not to keep your windows, doors, etc., open for too long or more than required. If you keep all these closed, then there will be less dust that comes into your house. You must use things like a microfiber cloth and brush as these are suitable investments that you can make when you have to clean.