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Getting Your Garage Organized The Easy Way


Organizing your garage is a very tedious task. However, it isn’t impossible, as, with some of our essential tips and tricks, you can easily find ways to organize your garage. As many things keep cluttering the garage over time, having them organized and placed where they need to be is necessary, as some of the tips you will see are super handy. We know that it is complicated to find things when we need them as they are not organized. There has been no system that will save time and space. Busy schedules throughout the years can sometimes keep us away from managing the area and making it easily accessible. Listed below are some tips and ways that will help you organize your space and give your garage a makeover.

Recycle Your Office Furniture

Old furniture can sit in the garage for ages. Some want to donate the furniture, and others want to find ways to repurpose it. Depending on your situation, it is always best to get rid of items that are no longer in use. These items simply take up space when they should be used to help organize a space. Consider taking time to donate old furniture or find places in your home to utilize the furniture. 

Wire Shelves And Crates

Garages need extra storage space to ensure everything is easily accessible. The best way to maximize your garage space is by adding wired shelves. Storage off the ground is the best way to open up your garage space without having to get rid of anything. Crates or bins can help organize all your items and will fit nicely on the wire shelving.  

Create A Screwdriver Rack

The ideal garage is one where you can find any tool in a matter of a minute. To help you achieve this, consider making a screwdriver rack. This easy organizer will keep all your tools in one place, so you no longer have to search for each tool your need. You should organize your tools in a way that makes sense to you and always put them back where they belong. 

Recycled PVC Pipes

PVC pipes can be the right way for storing and organizing things. By recycling such items, you can make your garage look more organized. Have you ever imagined that you can recycle a cut out of a PVC pipe and use it as a storage tool that will help you keep your gardening tools organized? You can also store other items like brooms, mops, and other thin and long things.

Hose Storage

Nothing is worse than tripping over a garden hose. To prevent this from happening, consider purchasing a bin to store your hose. These bins come in many shapes and sizes, and some feature easy roll-up options. Not only is this for organizational purposes but also to help declutter an area. A rolled-up garden hose on the ground looks messy, and these bins help hide the mess. 

Gladiator Heavy-Duty Racks

You can use gladiator racks to store large and bulky items, and it is fast and easy to install and does not require specific tools. The welded metal steel frames can support up to 2000lbs, and it also has a dual-slot profile that features extra support and shelves.

Garage Corner Shelves

Your garage might have shelves all over. What about corners? You can take advantage of them with these corner shelves. Corner shelves are easy to make on your own, and it gives you the ability to make the shelf a specific size. This type of shelving can also feature hooks underneath to hang clothes or other items. 

Sports Equipment Storage

Sporting gear can take up a lot of garage space, especially if you have kids with toys. Try to organize all the items with wall shelving and hangers. Consider adding a bike rack to the wall along with helmet hooks. Another way to organize toys is by making a ball bin. If you find that the amount of toys is overflowing in your garage, then consider building a toy bin for outside. 


Cleaning the garage can help open up more space and allow you to have easy access to all the items you need. First, make sure to donate the items you no longer use and throw out all old unusable items. In doing this, you clear out a working space in your garage to organize all the other items you want to keep. Adding shelving, overhead storage, hooks, and bins can significantly increase your storage space. With these tips, you may even have room to pull multiple cars into your garage