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Hacks To Make Your House Feel Bigger


Making your small spaces look more prominent is an art. However, there are a lot of hacks that can make your home feel bigger and spacious. A home is a place that generates positive vibes, and adding these hacks can make the space look even more vibrant and valuable. 

The furniture placement, choice of upholstery, lighting, décor, etc., all play a crucial role in making the home look spacious. So let us talk about some hacks to make your room look bigger.

Clear Up The Space

Decluttering is a crucial step when it comes to making a room look bigger. You need to part ways with things that are of no use. Clear all the unnecessary papers, boxes, and artifacts that you no longer need. You may put up a garage sale or simply donate the items. You must declutter regularly and not accumulate unnecessary things.

Create Space In The Room

You must not store unnecessary things and create a mess in the room. There needs to be proper space between the walls and the furniture. When you place the furniture, you must aim for balance. A common mistake committed is to push all the furniture against the wall. A conversation is always cozy when you have furniture placed in a U or H shape. If the furniture is near the walls, your room space will look smaller.

Create Proper Storage Space

You must store items thoughtfully. You can have separate cabinets for toys, blankets, and other utility items. You can get furniture that has ample storage to optimize the available space. Beds, ottomans, and coffee tables come with storage to accommodate the blankets, games, or other utility items. You can have shelves on the walls to store things.

Mirrors Do The Magic

Mirrors usually make space feel bigger and brighter. You must choose the spot to hang the mirror wisely. It is best to put them on walls perpendicular to the windows as placing them opposite a window can reflect the light out of your home. Mirrors bounce the light in all directions and give a visual impact of bigger size for your space. A floor-length mirror, closet with mirror doors, or a mirror on the wall can create magic.

Choose Your Decor

A lot of cluttered artwork will always make the space look smaller. Choose the artwork as per the space available. Place some lovely pieces of art or hang a few family portraits to make the area look aesthetic. Be minimalistic on the walls; keep it simple and elegant. The room seems elongated if you leave open spaces.

Use Lighting In The Rooms

Lighting in the rooms must be according to the purpose, use, and time spent in each room. It must illuminate the whole room. You can use particular light fixtures if you need to highlight some artifacts or artwork, and there must be specific lights dedicated to areas like a reading corner or your kitchen slabs. It will help the space look bigger and visually appealing.

Drapes For Your Home

If your room gets a lot of sunlight, you may opt for soothing colors of drapes that will not fade away. Cotton, linen, or a silk blend fabric gives a neat look to the windows and doors. Drapes have to be elegant and functional. You must hang the curtains strategically and use proper material so that the space gets natural light and looks illuminated.

Low Height Furniture

Low-height furniture makes the space look bigger as there is a lot of room between the ceiling and the height of the furniture. Large furniture looks bulky and also takes up more space. Your choice of sofas or chairs should be such that their legs are low. You may opt for ottomans for comfortable seating. Do not overdo and buy only what is needed.

Size Of Your Rugs

The basic rule of placing a rug is to fit within the four legs of your sofas. Too big a rug size makes the room look cluttered, and too small a carpet will make everything look out of proportion

Play With The Ceilings

You may use tall pieces of furniture in a low-height room. It makes the ceiling look higher, and your room look bigger. You may even paint the ceiling in a particular texture to give a theme to the room. The height of the ceiling plays a pivotal role in making the entire space look bigger.


All the above tips and hacks will help you make a small living room look bigger. You need to keep in mind the essential points: declutter, scale down the furniture, use adequate lighting, streamline the shelves, and always choose the suitable fabric for upholstery. All these hacks will help you enjoy a comfortable, spacious, clutter-free, positive space. In addition, these intelligent ways are pocket-friendly and easy to incorporate.