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House Paint Colors Trending For 2021


At a certain point, we’ve all contemplated what the best paint color is for our place and how to use it to bring a certain feel to your home. Let’s face it, color is the backbone of any interior space, which can transform it immediately.
Since it isn’t a good idea to leave any wall in your home as a blank canvas, you should definitely pay attention to which paint colors will look best with the theme of your home.
Without further ado, let’s have a look at the best trending house paint colors for 2021.

Lilac Gray

Even though dove gray is one of the classic and popular paint colors for a modern and neutral look, grey with a lilac undertone, also known as lilac gray, gives a moodier feel to a space. The main reason behind this is that lilac makes gray hues appear warmer, cheery, and more gender-neutral, given that gray is the typical color used in the bachelor pads. So, if your interior revolves around different shades of grey, lilac tones can help give a refreshing and subtle uplift to the mood of a space.

Dark Green

While dark green does have a certain 90s feel to it, it gives a rather refreshing and lively look to a space. From moody to muted, a deep green color gives the feeling of lush botanicals in addition to a ‘natural and healing’ appeal. Due to the dark nature of the color, this trend is more suitable for large, well-lit rooms as it can overpower small spaces, making them appear darker and smaller. Even though you might not have witnessed many green walls in modern homes, a dark or bottle green color can give your home or space a different appeal. This is the kind of color that you use to paint a single wall and pair it up with light colors and shades such as off-white or light gray.

Muted Pastels

Muted pastels have been trending for quite a while, and remain a valid color choice in 2021 as well. Muted pastels are the best color option for a warm backdrop for a minimalist space. Chalky pastel colors such as dusty pink or soft turquoise offer an understated vibe that is ideal for common areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, and gender-neutral rooms. If you’re looking to commit to colors for a long time, and aren’t ready to jump on the bold color trend, then muted pastel colors are the perfect choice for your home.

Hazelnut Paint Colors

The various creamy shades of hazelnut colors never go out of style! Not only do these shades give a warm and inviting feel to a space, but they also don’t clash with any furnishing, making them a comforting go-to hue! Look around your home to identify spaces that need to be brightened up with a little more light. The various shades of hazelnut serve spectacularly when it comes to making light bounce off, making a room appear larger than it is. You can also make the room appear further larger by adding some cool warm lights.


For those looking to add a pop of color to their living space, mustard is your best option. A deep mustard creates rich focal accents, making it a great choice for accent walls and trims. Avoid choosing a bright mustard shade that appears almost like yellow. Instead, opt for moody and muted mustard that adds depth to your wall, allowing you to highlight art and décor splendidly. After all, colors like deep mustard are meant to be applied in small doses to add a bit of color to a space.

Soft Clay

The best way to represent and showcase your wanderlust and earthy spirit through your home is by opting for soft clay paint color. These zesty hues serve as a great alternative to the typical beiges and browns, lending a certain sunny appeal and elegance to any space. Soft clay shades include colors such as clove, caramel, burnt orange, and terra cotta, which can certainly give any space a personality of its own in comparison to any neutral color. If you’re planning to opt for this interior design trend, it’s best to use these colors on accent walls or as backsplash to see how they elevate the mood of a room.

Blue Paint Colors

If you’re looking for a casual and traditional look for your home, there’s no better choice than opting for one of the varying shades of blue. Blue with a touch of charcoal, gray, or ice can be a great choice when searching for paint colors that are generally distinct but aren’t overpowering.
With a myriad of blue hues and shades available, the number of styles and designs you can opt for is truly limitless. From a deep charcoal blue as an accent wall to an icy blue backsplash –there are various routes that you can take, depending on what you’re looking for. You just need to ensure that the blue that you opt for is soothing to spare your room from appearing darker and smaller.


Probably the subtlest shade, and maybe even a non-color of sorts, mist is a blend of muted pastel green and blue with a lilac and gray undertone. This color serves as the ideal blank canvas for décor of various styles and colors. Even though it is very similar to a standard white or beige wall, yet it offers a better, more improved starting point than these basic colors. Moreover, misty hues also help cover up imperfections and blemishes more easily than any other basic colors.
Now that you’ve gotten a good idea about the trending house paint colors of 2021, you might be wondering how you can make these colors work to amp up the outlook of your space. Some good options are to paint your doors, use the fifth wall, section off paint colors, and add depth through an accent wall.
Happy painting!