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Household Items You Didn’t Know How To Clean


Every time you use an item in your home, you’re leaving behind germs, dust, and dirt. These contaminants can seriously affect your health and can even be dangerous to your health. To stay healthy, the items that you use in your home must be clean. Read more below to learn about the everyday household items you should probably clean. 

Washing Machines

Washing machines are often in most households, so washing machines are subject to a high frequency of usage. When it comes to washing your house, a washing machine is a must-have; you can use hot water to clean your washing machine. 

Occasionally turn the machine on with nothing inside. Then once the cycle is complete, wipe down the outstand and the door. Take out the detergent, dispense and clean it out thoroughly. 

Toilet Bowl

Scrubbing the top of the toilet is probably an essential part of cleaning the bathroom. Even if you clean the toilet, the bowl is probably not clean since there is still residue left behind. This residue will continue to build up over time if the toilet is not cleaned well. Scrub down the toilet bowl well by scrubbing the sides and the top of the bowl. Make sure you clean the entire bowl and the outside. 

Light Switches

Like all other electrical equipment, light switches require regular cleaning to keep them functioning correctly. While the cleaning process is simple enough, most people tend to ignore it. Choose your favorite cleaner, then damp cloth and rub them down regularly. 


To keep your remote working at top performance, you have to keep the dust and oil off it. Dust can build up around the buttons and build up inside the remote. The best way to clean your remote is with a soft dishcloth.

Refrigerator Coils

 Some people use their refrigerators as storage units; others use their refrigerators as refrigerators. The latter is very convenient, but the coils will pick up dirt, dust, grime, etc. The coils are also exposed to the elements, which can cause them to deteriorate over time. The coils in your refrigerator work, bypassing the cold water air coming in through the condenser coils into the refrigerator. These coils are usually located in the back of your fridge, in the area where the refrigerator sits on the floor. If the coils become dirty, it will cause the refrigerator to run at an inefficient temperature, which will lead to your food losing its freshness. There are several ways to clean refrigerator coils, the most popular is vinegar, which will easily remove food particles and other debris. Cleaning your refrigerator coils to save energy, money and maintain their longevity.


Laptops contain lots of dirt and dust. If you use your laptop often at work or school, you will come across dust particles every day, building up. Some of these scraps are so tiny that you might not even notice them. However, if you don’t clean your laptop regularly, these particles can cause serious damage to your laptop’s hardware. When you clean inside, you can remove the dust and wear and tear on your laptop, keeping the computer running. So, make sure to clean your laptop regularly. A vacuum cleaner, soft cloths, and some gentle soap and water are all you’ll need to clean your computer effectively. It will help to stay free from viruses and germs.


Mirrors are one of the best cleaning tools around, so you should always take care of them to maximize their lifespan. Cleaning your mirrors can be a tedious task, but you can make your mirrors look new again with a few simple steps. To clean your mirrors, clean them with a soft cloth and warm water. Then, remove all water by blotting the mirror with a dry cloth. Finally, to achieve a streak-free mirror, you should use a clean tissue and cloth to gently wipe the mirror, avoiding any contact with the mirror edges. It is important to take the time to clean our mirrors, but not to be too harsh with it. You can remove dirt, dust, and other particles that accumulate on your mirror if done properly.

 Air Conditioning Filter

 Your air conditioning unit needs to be cleaned often. Even if it is not very dirty, proper cleaning will make it work better and last longer. Several things in life are more important than your air conditioning system. First, it is responsible for keeping you cool in the summer or warm in the winter, and it does this by exchanging heat and moisture in the air with cool or warm air. If you have an ether conditioner in your home or office, the most important is the filter. It keeps the wind in your home clean and protects your family from breathing in harmful particles such as pollen and dust. However, air conditioner filters get dirty over time, and you need to clean them regularly to ensure they work properly. With the help of some simple tools available at any hardware store, you can easily eliminate grime, dirt, and other particles that can cause your air conditioner to clog up. If you notice your air conditioning is not working properly, you should first check the air filter to see it’s dirty.

Door Knobs

 Door handles are a necessary part of everyday life, but they can become dirty and smelly over time. Cleaning your doorknobs is important on two fronts. First, they are a source of harmful germs that can cause colds, viruses, and other nasty things. Second, the natural oils on the knobs make them slippery, making it harder to clean them. Before you clean your doorknobs, there are some simple things you can do to keep them clean. First, wipe them down with an old towel to remove any crumbs. If you have a hardwood floor, you may want to invest in a soft-bristle broom to remove any debris. A microfiber cloth is also useful for all kinds of cleaning, but it is especially useful for removing dust, dirt, and grime from doorknobs. Over time, dirt and dust build upon the workings of our doorknobs, which gives them a dull, dingy appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your doorknobs clean.


 Cleaning is an essential part of daily life. Housekeeping is a big part of maintaining a clean and tidy home. It can be a very useful way to reduce stress and minimize health risks. You can also clean up the environment, help the environment, and have a good time with proper cleaning. Having a clean and hygienic environment will help the family live a better and comfortable life and support them to spend more time in the house and doing their daily tasks and chores. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your household items clean and healthy and clean them regularly to prevent the possible dangers of dust and harmful chemical residues.