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How To Clean Your Garage Floor


While some people love the idea of cleaning every nook and cranny in their homes, other people hate even the idea of it. However, there is one thing that we all have to do at some point. Every one of us needs to clean our garage floor. Cleaning your garage floor may seem like an easy task until you get started.

Garage floors come in all shapes and sizes and require different cleaners for different materials. The type of surface you’re cleaning will dictate which kind of cleaner you should use, but you need to consider other factors when planning your attack on the dreaded grime underfoot. This article will look at the different ways to clean your garage floor!

Get Everything Off The Floor

Before starting the actual cleaning process, you must first remove everything you can covering the floor. This includes major appliances, the car, and anything else you can take outside. This will allow you to see just how much work it’s going to be before you’ve started! If there is a lot of junk on your garage floor, you might want to take the time to separate it into different piles, such as one for things you’re going to donate and another pile for items that are either recyclable or trash. This will make it much easier when you don’t have as much work left to do at the end of your cleaning process!

Sweep The Floor

If you have a broom in the house, use it to sweep away loose debris from your garage floor. It would help if you did this before cleaning with any other chemicals. Loose dirt and rocks can get mixed into cleaners, which can cause damage to the floor or even become an issue for people who are barefoot! If there is still some stubborn dirt and debris on the floor, you can use a wet mop to pick up any loose material that might be blocking your view of the actual grime. Cleaning will go much easier if you’re able to see what you’re scrubbing!

General Cleaner

Most garage floors are concrete, regardless of whether or not it is an attached garage. Concrete is a porous material, which means it will soak up any liquid placed on top of it. This can cause serious issues when trying to scrub dirt from the floor. It will just smear around and change colors, but not actually lift out! To solve this problem, use a general cleaner that works on concrete. These cleaners will be able to cut through the grime and lift it right off. You can use most of these cleaners on various materials, so read the label before you use it to make sure that your floor is compatible!

Oil Eater

If you have some sort of oil stain on your garage floor, the best way to remove it is with an oil eater. Oil eaters are a combination of solvents and surfactants that will break down the oils on your floor and lift them right off. Spray the cleaner onto the stain, let it sit for about ten minutes, then use a wet mop or a scrub brush to rub away the stain. You may need to repeat this process a few times before the stain is completely gone, but it should come up after several applications.

Cleaner For Stains

If you have a stubborn stain that’s still visible after using the oil eater, look for a cleaner explicitly used to remove stains from concrete. These cleaners will usually contain bleach or another strong chemical that can lift stains from your garage floor. The best way to use these cleaners is by purchasing a sealant spray and applying it on top of the stain after it’s been cleaned. This will protect your floor from future stains and make it easier to clean the floor next time.

Sealant Spray

If you want to protect your garage floor from future stains and dirt, consider using a sealant spray. Sealant sprays work much like paint does on an exterior wall or fence, but instead of protecting the surface from damage, it’s protecting the surface from stains!

Some sealants can even help reflect the light in your garage, making it easier to see. This will ensure that you can always see if there’s a stain on the floor that has this product on it before you step on it and possibly ruin your new sealant! If you do happen to get any stains on the floor after applying the sealant, clean them out with the cleaner mentioned above and then reapply the sealant.

Garage Floor Coatings

Consider using a garage floor coating if you want a more permanent solution that will give your floor a nice finished look. These coatings are sold under various brand names, and you can apply them with a simple roller. The most common type of coating is epoxy since it’s incredibly durable and doesn’t require much further maintenance after it’s down. If you use epoxy, you will need to apply two coats and let them dry overnight before walking on the floor with shoes or boots.


Cleaning the garage floor doesn’t have to be complicated. If you keep your floors clean regularly, dirt and other stains shouldn’t build up too much over time! Keeping your floor clean will not only reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain it each week, but it will also make sure that you don’t accidentally damage any of the items in your garage. To clean your floor, follow the steps listed above, and your garage floor should look good as new!