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How To Eliminate Unwanted Critters With Natural Products


Pests are unwanted, annoying, and creepy. They’re the stuff of nightmares for any house owner, especially if they plan to invite someone over. The frustration of tackling pests is understandable because pest control solutions vary greatly and can be pretty expensive. However, there are numerous well-proven house remedies for controlling the pest population in the house, which you can easily use to get the house back under your control. 


Flies can be highly irritating, and even worse, embarrassing when others are over. But there is a solution to keep their annoyance away. The smell of basil is an excellent solution for anyone tired of flies. It would be best if you essentially remembered that the smell should stay strong enough to do the job of discouraging the flies. 

Dish Soap

You’ll be surprised by how helpful simple dish soap can be when it comes to sending some ‘unwanted guests’ like Fruit Flies away. Anyone who has had to cry over ruined wine or been in general tormented by these pesky will rejoice at being informed that a glass of vinegar and dishwashing liquid mixed well in warm water gets some remarkable results for this predicament. 


The troublesome bit about pests is that one problem attracts another –in this case, bugs are likely to give out a warm invitation to lizards. However, something as basic as the onion or the pepper lying around in your kitchen can help you get rid of it. You can prepare a spray of garlic juice or even hot sauce and shoot these reptiles away.


By going natural, you do not have to limit yourself to herbs and spices –animals will work just as effectively. (Perhaps even better.) If you’re a cat person or have been considering living with a pet, getting a cat may benefit you. Rodents and pests, in general, will be petrified of your feline’s hunting instincts. 


This is an easy method to eliminate flea eggs. But while the ingredient is always readily available, the responsibility of carrying out the process diligently falls on your shoulder. Salting the floor needs to be done at least nine days consecutively, thanks to fleas’ rapid reproduction cycle. Also, remember to vacuum regularly. 


Get ready for some Harry Potter vibes if the topmost problem of your life currently happens to be mice. Attracting owls to your property can be done through various means like getting a nesting box or going easy on the lawn maintenance, so the rustic setting attracts the predatory birds. Their nocturnal attention can be your weapon of pest control. 


It can be surprising how much cockroaches can get on your nerves. Thankfully, nature provides excellent solutions for these creepy pests. Simple herbs like garlic and bay leaves are known to be the enemies of pests. Leaving tiny amounts of your mix where cockroaches thrive will show you promising developments. Having some herbs will be handy in warding off the danger that cockroaches pose to hygiene and health. 


No, we’re not talking about a lovely nest that birds can rest in. Instead, we’re recommending you build a fake nest or arrange it from somewhere else so you can finally be free from the terror of wasps. Wasp stings are the nightmare fodder, and while it can be troublesome to keep them away, a fake nest is an opportunity to take advantage of their highly territorial behavior. Ultimately, you get to say farewell to these unpleasant neighbors. 


If it smells good and keeps moths away, the object is worth making a part of your house. Lavender is one of the most popular plants to go to for aromatherapy as well, so you can easily store away some sachets in different parts of your house. This will act as a good repellent for the moths disturbing your ambiance and help you relax. 

Citrus Peels

Speaking of refreshing scents, using citrus peels in your house to control pests is effective. You get to rid yourself off of ants, mosquitoes, and even scary old spiders by just rubbing the peels on areas hit worst by them. Few places that are generally the target areas of such pests include bookshelves and doorways, so checking those first may help you immensely. 


Pests are a part of nature, and thus nature has also provided ways of getting rid of them. While contacting professional help can hurt your pockets heavily, using the tricks mentioned above will not. An essential part of pest control is to keep an eye on the problem areas and then work on them. Remember that while certain predators are great for pest control (like owls), they can threaten other animals. It’s wiser to read up a bit before doing anything.