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How To Pick A Perfectly Ripe Watermelon


Watermelon is a sweet and tasty fruit that most people love. Watermelons can be very nice to have in summers when it is very hot, and you can get a percent of your water from watermelons. They can help cool your body too and also have a lot of vitamins and minerals. They can help you meet your micronutrient requirements in a day, so now you have to rely on vegetables, but you can also use fruits like watermelons to get micronutrients. If you pick a bad watermelon, you will not be able to eat the whole watermelon, and it would just get wasted along with your money. The aim of this article is to ensure that you have some good watermelons so that you can enjoy them and never have to worry about throwing away a watermelon.

Find The Field Spot

There is a spot on the watermelon where it was on the ground. This spot is called a field spot. This spot will be more yellow, while the rest of the watermelon will be green. If there is a dark yellow field spot, it is better because it means that the watermelon was on the vine for a longer time, and it had time to open properly. If the watermelon does not have a field spot or the field spot is very small, then it could mean that the watermelon is unripe, and you should not pick up that watermelon. This is the most important and the most common, so many people will be aware of this point, so the first thing you must do is look for the field spot as it is the most important.

Pick A Watermelon That Looks Dull

If the watermelon looks ripe, then that could mean that it is unripe, and it will take longer before it becomes fully ripe. You can use this same tip when you are picking up honeydew melons as well. Most fruits and vegetables are around the same principle but mainly only do this for melons because dull skin is a good sign that the watermelon is ripe and ready to eat from the inside.

Knock On It With Your Knuckles

When you knock on the watermelon, then your knuckles should bounce because that shows that the watermelon is firm. If there is no bounce, then that would mean that the watermelon is starting to spoil, and you must not buy that watermelon. You can also tap the watermelon with your fingers to feel if you feel a bounce back from the watermelon. This is a very important step that you must follow as you will be able to pick good and juicy watermelons.

Pick The Heaviest Watermelon For Its Size 

A heavy watermelon indicates that there is a lot of water in the watermelon, so you must pick the one that is the heaviest. This does not just apply to watermelon but to all fruits and vegetables. A light watermelon can signify that it is not as firm or spoiled, so look for a firm and heavy watermelon.

Look For A Uniform Shape

All watermelons are either round or oval, but you will find some watermelons that have bumps on them in certain places. That can be a sign that the watermelon did not get consistent sunlight or water. There isn’t a specific round or oval shape that you must look for but just make sure that the watermelon should be smooth in general from outside. 

Look For Sugar Spots And Pollination Points

If there are any black spots on your watermelon, then that means that the melon is sweet. If there are dots in a line on the watermelon, then you should pick up that watermelon because those dots are pollen points, and dirt is a sign that the watermelon is good and ready to eat. Make sure that there are dots and not scars because scars are not a sign of the pollen points.


Watermelons need to be picked carefully and with consideration because we cannot look at the fruit directly and get to know much. All the tips will help you know more about the watermelon that you purchase. The main tip is to look at the field spot because that spot is what will tell you if the watermelon was picked early or is ripe, and after that, you can look at the other things and pick up on the signs. We have all been in situations where we are scared about buying a watermelon because we are unsure if it would be good for us or not. From now on, you can use tips that you learned from this article, and you never have to worry about buying bad watermelons again.