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How To Pick The Best Feng Shui House Colors


Who doesn’t want their home to look best? There are many perfect colors to choose from, from bright red to aqua blue to lime green, you count it! Choose which is best for your home. Which color will suit your vibe, the office looks, the living room, and also, how about the kitchen feng shui? Don’t leave the bedroom too! When you choose the right feng shui, it brings that spark to your house and adds value. 

Sunny Yellow (Fire Or Earth Element)

This color gives you bright, vibrant vibes, which will uplift your mood. The yellow feng shui gives you a different level of energy and also, at the same time, creates a cozy and welcoming vibe. Yellow will look good in your children’s room, kitchen, and also living room. You have many choices to choose from, from hot sunflowers to pale butterflies. All these are really good colors that will decorate your home. This color also symbolizes wisdom and is good for the stability of relationships and study. 

Passionate Red (Courage And Romance)

Red is the strongest feng shui, and it represents fire and passion. The bright red color brings vibrancy and passion to your house. It brings the feeling of joy, elements and invigorates sexual desire. For the Chinese, red is the color of luck, and in India, it stands for love, marriage, and happiness. So red is the symbol of love, romance, courage, and passion. If your house is southwest and northwest facing home, then this is the color you should choose. 

Green For Health And Growth (Wood And Nature Element)

The feng shui green color stands for growth, nature. It represents energy, greenery, and regeneration. If you choose the feng shui to be green, it will make you feel very nourishing, and it will balance your whole body by bringing happiness. It heals you mentally and emotionally. The green color gives you the feeling that you are a part of nature, bringing vibrations from nature. There are several different shades when you choose to go green and maximize the effect of the green color. It is really good to go with darker shades. This green shade will enhance your connection with nature. 

Optimistic Orange (Social Elements)

The color red can be intense for office work. So for this, choose orange instead. As orange is often called ‘social,’ it creates and promotes energy and brings good vibes to the house. So when you choose orange, you will feel the difference, and it will automatically promote lively conversations in the house. In addition, it will promote the feeling of summertime dreams and give you a glow for log fires.

Innocent White For New Beginnings (Metal Element)

This color stands for purity and innocence. The white color is also deeply satisfying, and it gives you the feeling of calmness and peace in the house. It will also go with all the rooms in your house, and this color will go with every vibe and gives you a pure white space. This color also stands for peace and prosperity, and if you live with families with kids, you should choose this color as it brings happiness to your house.

Tranquility Blue (Water Element)

The magnificent blue. Blue is one of the important colors in the feng shui. This color brings a good omen to your house. This color will give you respect in a good direction and make your home look great and mesmerizing. There are endless varieties of this color, and the list goes on. The clear sky blue, the soft aqua blue, the indigo blue. Choose the tone of the blues for your house. The feng shui blue gives you a wise feeling, and actually, the color blue is really good for some of your areas of the house. Blue is a good source of health in the east, for money in the southeast, and career in the north. 


Feng shui colors will rule your house once you choose them. They bring a feeling of happiness and trigger a sense of belongingness among the family members. They also help you to become good house owners. So choose the best color which suits your vibe and also makes your house look incredible. There are various options to choose from, so use the intensity of color that matches yours and create a happy place.