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How To Update Your House On A Budget


Update Your House With These Easy Steps

Not all of us are comfortable spending thousands of dollars on home décor, especially not after buying a house. So, what we need is money saving ideas to make our house a home. If you’re a  DIY enthusiast, then this will be a lot of fun for you. So pull up your socks cause we have a plan to help you save money and transform your house into the home of your dreams. 

Let’s Add Some Color

Changing the color of your house can automatically alter the vibe of your home. If you have washed-out walls, adding some color to them would give a burst of brilliant depth. In case you have had some decorating blunders, you can wash them all off with traditional white. The best part about painting your house is that it instantly changes your attitude towards life. Plus, it is therapeutic. Just order a can or two of your desired color along with some brushes. Adding a fresh coat of paint is the most recommended DIY for house makeovers. Online is full of resources to learn tips and tricks to painting like a professional. Make sure to purchase quality paint and brushes to ensure the desired outcome.  

Add Different Moldings 

Once you get the hang of a saw, adding moldings to your house is a piece of cake. There are different types of moldings available in the market to choose the best for you. Moldings add charm and value to your house; they can be classy, sophisticated, or even creative. 

Paint The Cabinets

Most house kitchens come with dull cabinets. The kitchen is the creative corner of the house, and so it should emit the right atmosphere. If you want to try something new, consider adding a little color to your kitchen. If the cabinets are structurally sound, then all you need is a strong cleaner, sandpaper, paintbrush, stain/paint, and a little bit of elbow grease. 

Notch Up The Curb Appeal  

While paying attention to the interiors of the house is very important, the outside matters too. Adding a few plants to your porch and entryway helps emit a friendly and positive vibe. Changing the color of your door helps also. Colored doors give an entertaining and casual feel, while white, black, and brown doors are more classy. 

Switch The Lighting  

Changing the lighting in your house can completely alter the interiors. Adding vintage lighting gives a very expensive feel to the interiors, while brass lightings provide a more classy and rustic feeling. You can also change your faucets, showers, and taps. There are many different models of bathroom fixtures available in stores as well as online. 

Upgrade Your Windows 

No, I am not talking about the computer windows. I am talking about the windows in your house. If you have huge windows in your home, make sure you make the most out of them. If you have smaller windows in your house, you can add moldings to give them a larger feel. 

Adding Mirrors 

Adding mirrors is the simplest way to make your place feel bigger and lighter. Mirrors reflect light; placing a mirror opposite of a window will increase the natural light in a room. You can place a mirror on a living room wall, and it will help reflect light into the room. The placement of mirrors matters most in décor.  Do not be afraid to install a large mirror in a small space. 

Add Some Plants

Nothing says life more than plants. Adding plants will bring life into your home. You can buy various sizes, colors, and shapes of pots to create a contrast of sorts. Also, different plants have different meanings and significance, so do some research. Some plants promote growth, positivity, etc. 

Include A Seating Area

If your house has a backyard or a balcony or a deck, make sure you add seating space. Revive the patio, backyard, or balcony. You can convert these spaces to your lounging areas. You can buy some chairs and tables as a starting point. Once you have a little extra money to spare, you can upgrade this space even more. 


Do not dive headfirst into any furnishing or decorating work: tackle one area, one room at a time. Work with what you have got. Most things may not be up to your imagination, but do not be disheartened. In the end, you will be happy with your work and creativity.