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How To Wash Jeans Correctly


Jeans have become one of the must-haves in our wardrobes today, majorly because of how fashionable, durable and convenient they are. Even if there is slight wear and tear, the fabric lasts for years and years together. Unfortunately, many people seem to lose the quality and longevity of their pair of jeans because of the way they wash the jeans. Irrespective of whether you own regular Levi Strauss jeans, luxury jeans from Gucci, its quality, in the long run, depends upon how you treat it. But how are you supposed to wash your jeans? How often should you clean your jeans? Is there a right way to dry your jeans? There are many questions to consider around simply washing your jeans, something that we take very casually. In this guide, we shall take you through the right way of cleaning your jeans. Let’s get started! 

Why Is It Important To Know The Right Way Of Washing Jeans?

We live in a world that is already struggling due to fast fashion, excessive waste, and overall environmental harm due to the clothing industry. And when we don’t treat the purchased clothes correctly, we tend to reduce the product’s life. This causes us to purchase more clothing way too frequently. And ultimately, we as consumers contribute to the crisis by increasing waste and the market demand for more jeans. Other than that, for the sake of our own pockets, it only makes sense to take care of our clothes by treating them well so that we don’t have to spend money on the same thing repeatedly. We shall now talk about the right ways of washing jeans.

Read The Tag

Most of the jeans that we buy come with a tag that explains the recommended washing guidelines for that particular pair of jeans. It often sheds light on the most suitable way of washing, whether washing machines or hand washing. Other than that, the quantity and quality of laundry detergent, washing period, and heat setting as well. Make sure you read the tag through and follow the guidelines, as it will help you treat the jeans the way it needs treated.

Prefer Air Dry

The way you dry your jeans also plays a massive role in the entire washing process. Usually, people use the washing machine itself for drying purposes also. But, what they fail to realize is that by doing so, they are burdening the washing machine for something that can be very well done for free, on a piece of rope. Air drying your clothes is an energy-efficient alternative, as it saves energy that the machine would’ve used. 

Spot Clean When Required

When you find a stain on your jeans, which may occur due to spilling food, or any colored product, you don’t have to wash the jeans entirely. At such times, spot cleaning is all you need to do. For doing so, all you need to do is apply a small portion of washing powder or whichever laundry product you use, only on the particular spot. Hand wash it using a small brush or scrub and then rinse it off. In this way, you can save energy as you don’t have to use the machine, and the quality of jeans stays intact. 


Well, these were some of the simplest ways to wash your jeans correctly. By applying these simple methods and being a little more responsible, you can certainly extend the life of your jeans, sustain their quality, and lower the energy consumption due to machines.