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Improve Your Home – 5 Weekend Projects


Spring is often considered to be the best time to revamp your home, but if you want to give a new look to your home, you don’t have to wait for spring. You can do it anytime during the year. And the best part is, these home improvement projects will not take up much of your time. They are simple enough that they can quickly be done over the weekend. Let’s take a look at 5 home improvement projects that you can do over the weekend.

Overhaul Your Entrance


As you enter the house, the first thing that gets your attention is the entrance. Is it compact and bland? While many people think an entrance does not need to be decorated, we feel otherwise. Even if it is a small, compact place, it should be a reflection of your taste as people enter your home. A framed mirror or a vibrant piece of art can add to the look of your entrance. If you have a slightly wider walkway, try adding a console table along with a centrepiece to give a complete look to your entrance. This single addition to your walkway can simply transform your entrance. And you don’t need to spend too much time on this home improvement project. All you have to do is to select the embellishment of your choice and fix it in the right place. And this is something you can do over the weekend.


Manicure Your Yard

You don’t need to hire a professional landscaper to manicure your lawn. With a functioning lawnmower and a few landscaping tools, you can give a new look to your yard that closely reflects your taste. Try this home improvement project over the weekend only if you know the techniques for lawn mowing or else, you can ruin your entire yard. If you are not sure how to go about it, it is best to call a professional and share your ideas with them. They know the right techniques and using the right tools, they can give your lawn the look you desire.


Organize Kitchen Cabinets


Fed up of the clutter as you open your kitchen cabinets? Don’t worry. You can clear it up over the weekend. Get some organizing baskets and racks, and you can start right away. If you have high ceilings, you can install racks to hang up mugs, pots and pans. Add a removable drawer, cutlery holder and rolling pantry to free up space in your kitchen and give it a look you want.


Create an Art Piece for That Empty Wall

Have an empty wall in the house that gives a bland look to your living room? Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to invest in an art piece, don’t worry. You can create your wall art project over the weekend. Use the resources you have and combine it with your power of imagination and come up with a project that can surprise your guests. From ideas in magazines to Pinterest, you have endless possibilities to decorate that empty wall in your home.


Decorate the Bathroom


You go there many times every day, so why not decorate it?

While most bathrooms have a small space, you can get creative and decorate your bathroom. Use shower caddies to save space. Add a new shower curtain or few indoor plants. You can add a mirror or mats to give a new look to your bathroom. And you can do all this within 48 hours.

If you work during the weekdays and think that weekends are just for rest, then think again. You can use these two days to transform your home. And on a positive note, you can do most of the things yourself. All you need is a little planning and time management, and your home is all ready for a transformation.