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Items You Should Not Leave Plugged In Constantly


Almost everything in our lives is plugged in these days, like cell phones, laptops, tablets, and appliances. While it’s convenient to plug in and go, there are a few things you should never leave plugged in. This article will look at a list of things you should not leave plugged in and why they could create a problem!

Hair Dryers

Hairdryers are a great way to get your hair ready in a hurry, but they can be plugged in a while, not in use. They are especially dangerous for electrical fires. If the hairdryer becomes over-heated, it could cause an electrical fire and possibly burn down your house! If you leave it plugged in all day long, be sure it is on a surge protector.

Cell Phones & Laptops

Good news for those who are always on their phones or laptops! Unfortunately, these devices can cause severe problems if left plugged in too often. Most cell phones will stop charging when fully charged, so it is better to unplug than leave them plugged up. The problem with leaving your laptop plugged in all the time is that you are putting it at risk for overheating. Even the most minuscule shorts can create a fire, so be sure to unplug your laptop when you’re not using it or when it is fully charged!

Coffee Makers

Most people are guilty of this one! We love to set the coffee maker in the morning before we head out for work, and it can be wasteful to unplug it when you’re done. The truth is that leaving your coffee maker plugged in all day long could create an electrical fire, so it is essential to be mindful of what you leave plugged in. It is better to unplug the coffee maker every night than risk an electrical fire!


Toasters are used every day for breakfast, but many people don’t know is that toasters can be a fire hazard! Even if your toaster doesn’t have an exposed heating element, it still poses a risk for electrical fires. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself from an electrical fire when using a toaster. The best way to protect yourself is to unplug your toaster when you’re not using it. If you do leave your toaster plugged in all the time, consider investing in a surge protector!

Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are incredibly convenient, but it is essential to be mindful of what you leave plugged in. Microwaves pose a risk for fires when the waveguide becomes clogged or when the microwave itself becomes damaged. It is even more dangerous when children or pets could tamper with the microwave! If you have children or pets, it is best to unplug your microwave when not using it. It may seem convenient to plug the microwave in before work and have a hot meal after getting home, but it can also be dangerous!

Electric Blankets

Another thing you should not leave plugged in all day is an electric blanket. They are excellent for cold winter nights but could come from overheating or malfunctioning. If you have been using it to stay warm at night and it has gotten boiling, unplug it immediately! A malfunctioning blanket could lead to electrical fires or even explosions, which can be dangerous when sleeping!

Space Heaters

Space heaters are a significant convenience to those in colder climates, but they must remain unplugged when not in use. Using your space heater as a heating source for your home can be dangerous and cause electrical fires. If you’re using a space heater as an additional heat source during the day, make sure that it is unplugged when you are not using it. If your space heater malfunctions or gets too hot, the results could be fatal!

Air Conditioners

Another thing you may not think about unplugging is your air conditioner. These appliances are designed to keep you cool during the hot summer months, but it’s important to remember they require regular maintenance. If you have been using your air conditioning unit for more than 24 hours straight, be sure to let it cool down before turning it back on! If you leave your air conditioning unit plugged in all day long, it can lead to a malfunction and could damage your air conditioner.


Another thing that may not come to mind when considering things you should not leave plugged in all the time is lamps. Most of us don’t think about lamp cords as dangerous, but it is essential to keep electrical fires at bay! If your lamp cord comes into contact with water or if it becomes frayed, you could be dealing with an electrical fire hazard. This is particularly true if you have pets or children who could play with the lamp. If you don’t need to use your lamp, unplug it!


It is essential to be mindful of what you leave plugged in all the time. Unplugging any appliance when it’s not being used will help reduce the risk of fires and malfunctions. Many people have been victims of electrical fires, mainly because they don’t realize how dangerous they can be. If you follow the tips mentioned above, your appliances will last longer, and you will be helping to prevent fires all over the world!