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Reasons To Avoid Home Renovations This Year

The idea of upgrading your home is tempting. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh new look? But before you start planning your next home renovation, here are a few reasons to avoid it this year. From the high cost of materials to the disruption of your daily routine, renovating your home can be more trouble than it’s worth. Use this list as a reminder of why you should wait until next year to tackle those home improvement projects.

Is It Worth The Financial Hit?


Renovation is in no way cheap. It costs a lot during the planning process itself and exceeds that when it starts taking place eventually. Things add up, so do costs. Seeing how the past year and two have been for the entire world with the pandemic taking place, finances are crucial to consider now more than ever. Do not try to renovate your house on your own to save costs. It gets much more tedious, and various people then hire contractors to finish the task. You would have to pay the total price for half the work done. Think it through and make sure you have 15-20% more than what your actual estimate comes out. 

Think About The Environment


Renovation should be avoided until it’s a need. We know very well that it is your house and you want to keep it as you like it. Still, seeing the current times, we cannot neglect the damage such “small” things do to the environment in the bigger picture. A record from 2014 shows that 534 million tons of debris were created in the USA alone that year due to construction. It is 2021; we HAVE to be more alert and aware.

Is It A Need?


A renovation could be a want or need. Consider the above-given points and then re-think if you genuinely want to renovate with a purpose or not. If you still want to renovate, keep reading to know more about renovation seasons, and things to avoid. 

What’s The Right Time?


There is an ideal season for renovation, and that is the Winters. You should always consider the season before chipping the plan out. Weather conditions are significant to consider and differ from place to place. This is why you should choose when contractors can efficiently work their way up. Winters are great for indoor renovations since it’s the off-season, and contractors are indeed in search of work. The outdoor one depends upon your location so take a call. 

Now that you have planned everything let us discuss what you should avoid during this renovation. 

What Should You Be Avoiding?


The Idea

First things first, renovation is particular to one’s taste. The colors, the styling, the wallpapers, and the furniture you like might not gel with someone else. So do not try to adopt someone’s idea, instead use your creativity and perspective to give a new life to your house. Keep it original. 

TIP: If you plan to sell the house in the future, try to keep the taste general so that you do not have to re-renovate that time. 

Over-The-Top Lighting

Yes, it is a thing. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars trying to get that futuristic look for the house, which will look extremely outdated by the time they want to sell it. Spending on your lighting to get something extraordinary could seem like the right choice when it isn’t. Save up on that money. Simple lighting is much easier to handle and change and affordable. You can still serve the killer looks with simplistic lighting. 

Overkill On The Wallpaper

A bad wallpaper can make your house horrible when you see the bigger picture. You have to be cautious with designs, patterns, textures, and colors. It is tough to remove as well, so keep that in mind. The buyer after you might consider this a complete task and could be a letdown for them. We would recommend you go for paint and choose general, natural colors. This will fill the house with more life and is also easier to change from time to time. If you have wallpapers on already, check how advantageous it is to get them removed and painted. Open all options. 

The Tiling Situation

Flooring is something that can instantly make or break your representation. It has to match the color scheme of the house and the lighting and weather. Avoid being too personal with tiling preferences because it is the first thing a buyer sees and thinks about changing. This is one of those renovations you can attempt to do yourself and save some costs. 

The Need For ‘More’ Space

While large rooms could seem like a great deal, they crucially decrease the number of potential buyers. When you break down walls and join rooms together to get a more extensive room/suite out of it, it becomes a large suite for two people rather than two decent-sized rooms for four people. The buyers who are trying to split the money are no longer interested. Also, standard rooms can make the house look more organized with items at their place rather than one large room with all the stuff. 

Swimming Pool

The number of people that wish for a swimming pool in their house is astounding. However, they forget that it needs proper maintenance and is an additional pile on the water bills. If you don’t live in a hot area for the most part, then the swimming pool does not make sense on the first go. Even though you live there, you need extra maintenance to clean the pool and change the water regularly. It is not worth the hype, trust us. 

Advanced Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the essential parts of the house. It caters to its owners. A kitchen needs to be efficient and easy to access, not high-tech and lavish looking. People spend way too much on looks rather than its efficiency and accessibility. Kitchen renovations statistically occur losses in the future. Change what is required, and rest simple polishing can do the work. This is the area to save costs. 


If you are thinking about doing the entire renovation project yourself, please take a step back. It is the job of experts and professionals, and you would be exhausted before you reach the first half. So be smart and save where you can and need to. Trying to save money by not hiring professionals is something you should always avoid. 


Home renovation is essential at some point as well. Is it your need currently? That is for you to decide. We can only advise you to stay clear of the trends and make sure you want a renovation and not just because it is trendy right now. Pay great attention to every single choice you make because it will be the decision-maker in the future when buyers arrive. Do not go overboard with your personal choices. Some things are better left generic and simplistic. I hope you found this helpful. We wish you the best.