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Save Space With These Valuable Hacks


If you live in a small space, you probably have to deal with serious storage issues. With most of us having so many personal belongings and other things that seem to be ever-increasing in quantity, it can be even harder to find a way to store everything properly in limited storage space.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many amazing storage hacks that can help you store all your things efficiently without having to cram them on top of each other.

If you constantly find yourself outgrowing storage space in your home, take a look at these clever and valuable storage hacks that will help you save space and also keep everything tidy and clutter-free.

For Bedrooms

There are so many things inside our bedrooms that end up consuming a lot of room, but with the help of these hacks, you can clear out a lot of space.

Install Shelves Along The Walls

If you’ve ever noticed, the space below the ceiling till 12 inches down in most rooms is untouched and unused unless you have cupboards touching the ceiling. But, if not, you can make so much use of that space to create more room.

The best option here is to install shelves along the perimeter of those walls in the bedroom that are empty.

These shelves will add a significant amount of storage space where you can keep things like books, bags, and other such items.

Crown Molding For Shoes

A lot of people have big shoe collections for which they need a spacious shoe cupboard where they can store all their shoes. However, if you are struggling with that, one of the best space-saving hacks is to use crown molding as a shoe rack for your shoes.

It’s quite a simple bedroom storage solution, but it will work best for shoes that have heels as they will be able to provide support against the wall.

The best part about using crown molding as a shoe rack is that it is quite unobtrusive and tends to blend in nicely with any wall.

Pegboards For Wall Storage

Most of us have at least one wall that is empty and completely unused in each of our bedrooms. This presents the ideal opportunity for wall storage and to save space in other spaces such as the closet.

Simply attach some pegboards onto the empty wall and use them to hang items like scarves, hats, coats, bags, etc. The idea here is to use the wall to hang daily-wear or daily-use items and make more room in a small space.

Use Drawer Organizers

If your drawers are overflowing with all your things with no additional space to store other belongings, a simple hack for that is to use drawer organizers. These are excellent space-saving tools given how they not only keep everything organized but they feature different sections and divisions that allow you to arrange things neatly while also making some room in the remainder of the drawer.

For Kitchens

A typical kitchen has so much stuff ranging from cutlery to crockery to utensils to Tupperware. Naturally, these items take up a lot of space, but with the help of these space-saving hacks, you can easily prevent clutter and create more room!

Vertical Pegboards

Whether you have a tiny or a big kitchen, this is one of those creative space-saving hacks that not only help with organization but also create more room in the overall space.

Vertical pegboards offer a super-smart solution to make use of wall space in your kitchen. They are ideal for hanging pots and pans, which will save up so much space inside the cabinets and drawers. You can use these pegboards for hanging wooden spoons and ladles as well, further freeing up space in your kitchen.

Magnetic Racks For Utensils

A common space and storage issue faced by many homeowners, especially in terms of the kitchen, has to do with the counters.

Counter space is a huge necessity, regardless of whether you have a small kitchen or a big one, and this is the one spot that always ends up being cluttered with kitchen utensils. A simple hack for that is installing magnetic racks in the empty space under the cabinets.

These racks are ideal for hanging kitchen items like spatulas, big spoons, knives, and other similar things. This way, you will be able to save a lot of space inside the drawers, which you can then utilize for other objects if needed.

Store The Trash Can Under The Cabinets

There isn’t a more unattractive sight than an oversized garbage bag or trash can sitting in your kitchen and consuming a lot of space. Not only does it look bad, but it also makes the space look cluttered. What you can do here is you can store the trash can inside an empty kitchen cabinet or the one under the sink where people generally store cleaning supplies and trash bags.

Multiple-Tiered Hanging Wire Baskets

Do you happen to struggle with storing fresh produce like fruits and vegetables that end up consuming a large part of your cabinet space? If yes, one of the best space-saving hacks for that is multiple-tiered hanging baskets. These baskets are ideal for creating room in your kitchen and to organize fruits and vegetables nicely.

All you need to do is insert some hooks in one of the corner sections of the kitchen ceilings and suspend the wire basket from the top.

These are ideal for storing items like garlic, onions, bananas, oranges, and even things like bread that can be kept at room temperature for a few days.

Key Takeaway

No matter how big or small your home is, there are always hacks and solutions for saving space and storage options to keep everything organized and to prevent clutter.

These space-saving and storage hacks aren’t just super useful, but they are also quite helpful in terms of creating a nice look and feel, be it in your bedroom or the kitchen.