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Things You Might Clean Too Much


From childhood, everyone is taught that you must be clean and hygienic. If you follow that well, you will feel better, and all your clothes, products, etc., will last longer if you clean them regularly and take care of them. But some things will do better and last longer if you wash them sparingly and less than your other items. 

Bathroom Mirror

Most of our bathrooms are very humid. This is because there is steam that comes from the showers and the cleaning that we do. When you wash your mirror too much, there is a chance that the backing behind the mirror might get damaged. Try to avoid over-cleaning your mirror and only clean it when it is necessary. 


If you use a soapy carpet cleaner whenever there is a stain or spill, it can harm your carpets much more. This is because it is not easy to remove all the excess soap. As a result, you might get soap stains on your carpet, which can get dirtier over time. When there is a stain, you should try and use a less aggressive cleaner and use a wet cloth or remove all the cleaner you use. 

Wood Furniture 

There are special wood cleaners that you can use for all your furniture. The only issue is that these cleaners can leave an oily layer on your woods, and this layer attracts lots of dirt and dust. You can still use wood cleaner but try to use them only about once every month. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean your wooden surfaces between wood cleanings. 


It isn’t easy to find a perfect pair of jeans. When you do find such a pair, make sure that you have that pair for as long as possible. Please do not wash your jeans as frequently because this can make them last longer. How long should you go between washes? Different people have different opinions about this. Some makers of denim say that you should wait about six months between every wash. You can put your jeans in the freezer occasionally to kill all the bacteria.

Your Hair 

When you use shampoo, it does remove all the dirt and oil from your hair, but it removes all the oil to the point that your scalp can feel very dry. This is because your scalp produces some natural oils to keep your scalp healthy. You should use shampoo to wash your hair only about 2 to 3 times a week. If you exercise a lot every day and sweat a lot, you can often wash your hair.

Your Car

Having a good and clean car is essential, but do not overdo it with the cleaning process. If you wash the car too often, then there is a risk that you might damage the outer layer of your car’s paint. Throughout ties, you will notice small cracks in the paint of the car. Wash your car less often and ensure that you wax your car once or twice a year to ensure that the paint is well protected and the car looks as good as new. 


Washing things was always looked at as how you make something last longer, but this article talks about those things that will last longer if you do not wash them as often. Some things are your items like furniture or cars, and others are things like your hair. Less washing only applies to these products and a few other ones, but in general, please make sure that you wash and clean most of your other items because those need to be cleaned regularly to make them last longer and look as good as new for years to come.