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Things You Should Clean After Someone Has Been Sick


When you have been sick and the seasonal flu hits you badly, germs also simultaneously invade your house. You need to disinfect the house, especially the vulnerable spots where germs may dwell more soon after getting back to feeling good. Once your symptoms subside, you would want to make sure to restore a healthy home. It’s always advisable to wear disposable gloves while you take on the cleaning task yourself. Use a different pair of gloves to wash the dishes and sanitize the house to safeguard yourself against any infection. Keep a stack of disinfectant wipes, microfiber cloths, and disinfectant solutions for hard surfaces. Most importantly, don’t forget to wash hands frequently, as recommended by the CDC. Read on more to find out how you can sweep off bacterias and have healthy living. 

The Bathroom

Germ’s “happy hunting ground” is a bathroom where germ whorls through the home. You should deep clean a bathroom every week and sanitize the toilet. Make sure to clean all the handles for the sink and toilet, as well as cabinet knobs. 


Electronic items like remotes in the house, hotel rooms, and hospitals are some of the dirtiest items because of how many people touch them. When a person uses an infected item, he might catch it. Ensure an electronic device is cleaned and sanitized after use. Make sure the batteries are removed and pull out the cover and with a wet cloth of 70 ℅ isopropyl alcohol or use a disinfecting wipe. You should not leave any area between the buttons. To clean the grooves and the narrow areas, you can use a cotton pad, dip it in alcohol, squeeze it to reduce extra alcohol, and then apply the surface to clean.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen could be in a susceptible spot during illness, leaving the dishes germ-laden. You should consider washing all the utensils with boiling water. Wipe the countertops, sinks, surfaces of the refrigerator, microwave, especially the handle, and all other kitchen appliances. 

The Door Handles

Curbing the spread of germs is not as tricky as you may have thought. Frequent washing of hands can help a lot. Add some disinfecting wipes to your grocery list and make the best use of them in cleaning the doorknobs and the handles. 


Towels are used the most during an illness, and so these should be regularly washed in hot water and sanitized well. Add in disinfecting laundry solutions like borax or bleach, and wipe the germs out of your life. 


You may be particular about cleaning every corner of your house but could be forgetting the bed, where you may have spent most of your time in sickness. Cleaning the bedding could be a horrendous task, but it is critical to clean the same as it could be a germs hub. So throw all your sheets, blanket cover, bed cover, pillow covers, and curtains in the washing machine, add a good disinfectant, and put it on the hot cycle. Disinfect the mattress using spray and vacuum cleaner, and air-dry it.


Wash all the clothes that you may have worn while you were sick in hot water separately. Turn on the high-heat or sanitize mode in the dryer to finish your task. 

Hard Surfaces

The hard surfaces are most strenuous to clean as these are frequently touched spots and the germ’s happy place to dwell in. The kitchen counter, cooking top, dining table, center table, chairs, stairs, cabinets, handles, railings all need to be sparkling clean. Don’t forget to wipe the light switches. 

Trash Cans

You must evacuate trash every day. It doesn’t serve well to have germs harboring at your own home, especially with a sick person at home when your dustbins are brimming with dirty tissues. Regularly empty the garbage and clean the bin with disinfectant. Primarily wash the can and any removable plastic liner with hot soapy water and rinse properly and make it dry either under the sun or with a paper towel. Once it is dry, spray all the sides with disinfectants. Make it a habit to put deodorizer in a clean liner to get rid of odors.

Final Word

Seasonal changes bring viral infections and don’t get mad when the ailment season is there, and you and any loved one fall sick. Germs attack wherever they find germ breeding grounds, so make sure to get powerful disinfectants and get the whole house sparkling clean. Precautions and cleanliness is the key to be safe. Home is heaven as you feel safe and secure at home. Make every corner of the home germ-free by considering all the points we have described above.