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Things You Should Do If Your House Floods


It can be one of the terrifying experiences if you have flooding in your house. It can lead to broken pipes, damaged appliances, sewer problems, and water-filled basements that can cause serious issues. You have very little time in hand to deal with such damage. Molds also start to develop within 24-48 hours. Flooded homes are synonymous with safety issues and a lot of structural damages. You may also need to seek professional help to restore and repair the house. 

The main reasons for household flooding can be heavy rains, sewer line damage, dysfunctional sump pumps, or pipes bursting. Whatever be the reason, you need to act fast to clean up the mess and repair the damage more quickly. 

Take Into Account Your Safety

It is imperative to stay safe. The flooding can be so bad that you may have to leave your house till things settle down. You must always wear protective gear like rubber boots, gloves, etc. 

Take Actions To Stop And Remove The Water

The first thing to stop house floods is to find the source from where the water is coming. You must check if your sump pump is malfunctioning so that you can replace it to prevent any damage caused by heavy rains. If the home floods due to a burst pipe, you must fix it as soon as possible. The sooner you look for a plumber, the easier it will be to clean up the house and repair the damages.

Once you know the source and you act upon it, it’s time to remove the water. You may flush out the water with the help of buckets or hose pipes to clean up your basement. Once the water level reduces, try a wet vacuum to remove the remaining water or moisture. 

Drying Out Your Home

Even after the water is removed from the house, everything remains damp. You have to use the air conditioners and fans to dry the home. You can use dehumidifiers in closed spaces like basements. They easily remove the excess moisture and dry out the area quickly. 

Start The Clean-Up Immediately

The restoration process must begin within 24-48 hours after cleaning up your home. You may hire a restoration service to ensure that the process is safe and hassle-free. If you are doing the process all by yourself, then wear protective gear. Segregate what you need to throw out and what you can repair. You would have to remove the flooring and insulation so that you do not face the problem of mold spores and mildew. Furniture must be dried and cleaned thoroughly. The hardware floors damage quickly, so you need to start the repairs immediately. 

Reach Out To The Insurance Company

Many insurance contracts cover flooding of homes caused by storms, damaged sewers, broken sump pumps, or damaged pipes. The insurance company will assess the amount of damage and calculate the loss. If the damage is covered in your contract, the company will pay you the funds and reduce your financial burden. It is important to document all the losses and take photos before and after the damage. It helps the company’s adjuster to assess the damage.

Repairs Of The Damaged Items

After a house flood, you may face broken windows, damaged flooring, or harmful debris piled in the house. Your electronics like the TV, game console, computer, other appliances, etc., may be damaged due to water, so you must check them all before re-plugging them. You may also hire a construction company that deals in restoration work of flood disaster repairs. It would help you to ensure the safety of the home again.

Move Back To The Home

Once you receive the claim from the insurance company and the construction company restores everything in place, it’s time to get back to your dry, clean, and mold-free house.

What If You Do Not Clean The Home After Flooding?

Not cleaning the home after flooding can cause severe damage that you may not even realize initially. It can damage the structure of your home; cost you a huge chunk to repair your appliances, electrical systems, flooring, etc. The moist conditions will allow the mold to grow, which can be terrifying. They can cause allergies, asthma, and a lot of other illnesses. You must clean up properly and use an air purifier to prevent the growth of mold spores. 


Most flood damages require you to act immediately and seek the help of professionals. You must first stop the leak and remove the water. The repairs and restoration of your home need to be done without wasting time. Seeking professional help will also make the process easier, simpler, and hassle-free.  Following these steps will make your home clean and dry and mold-free easily.