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Things You Should Never Buy Secondhand


These days many people are selling their stuff on the internet. Sometimes the stuff is a complete steal, but sometimes, you might like something, resulting in being very expensive. Buying second-hand things for your home or your kid’s dorm room is fun sometimes, even though many of us like to buy stuff from generic stores and brands, but we have to admit secondhand shopping is brilliant, affordable, and fun. But if you will be buying second-hand stuff, you must know what you should buy secondhand and what you should not. 

Food Storage Containers  

According to a few experts, plastic containers used to heat the food might consist of poisonous chemicals. Plastic bottles are not meant to be microwaved as they are made of plastic and might melt when it comes into contact with the heat. So, you might never know that the plastic container might have been microwaved, which makes it very dangerous. In addition to that, you must purchase new plastic containers as they are unused, safe, and are affordable. 

Blenders And Knives 

It might be a little tough to measure how sharp the knives and blenders are until or unless you use them. And as a result, you might get a knife which is dull and hopeless of getting sharpened or any better in the future. Another reason might be the hygiene because you might never know if the previous owner has cleaned them correctly or not, or they might have used a cleaning chemical or agent, which might’ve made the metal less long-lasting. So, make sure you think a lot before buying a knife or a blender, or in fact, any other kitchen appliance. 


If the person selling the mobile phone is a stranger, there is a possibility that the phone might be stolen. If it was, you might not be able to use it. So, do not buy a smartphone from a stranger until or unless you are an expert in electronics and know if the phone is stolen. Instead, buy smartphones from the person who you know closely or buy a new one. The latter is a much safer option. 

Perfume And Beauty Products 

Other than the fact that purchasing the bottles which are prone to fraud or have been tampered with is dangerous, the other thing which you must know is that the perfumes get spoiled very easily. To make it worse, the heat and sunlight might spoil the short-lasting perfumes. 

Whereas cosmetics are also not fit for buying secondhand. According to experts, bacteria, dirt, and oil might develop in already used cosmetics. So, instead of purchasing second-hand cosmetics, you must collect accessories like old mirrors, vanity co-ords along with combs and boxes, and a vintage compact. In addition to that, there are a lot of affordable makeup items available out there in the market, which are of excellent quality and will not generate a hole in your pocket.   


Many other clothing items can be washed and cleaned thoroughly, but shoes are the only thing that cannot be cleaned nicely, no matter how hard you try. And used and dirty shoes lead to fungal infections because you will not know what kind of infections or diseases the previous owner had. 


Second Hand used tires can pose a safety hazard as the person buying them has no idea how they were used previously. Many possibilities might cause damage invisible to the naked eye like it might have been driven when they are inflated or moved too fast. In addition to that, the age of the tires is way too fast, so buying new tires is not worth the risk. 


Helmets are meant to keep you safe in case of any mishappening. But, even from a minor crash, it might have some undetectable sabotage. You might never get to know about it. So, make sure you always buy an unused and new helmet, that too with a sticker which says that it is certified and safe for the user. Transport authorities of other countries issue different stickers. In the case of the USA, make sure you buy the one with a sticker which the department of transportation issues. 

Baby Cribs  

New baby cribs can be very expensive, but many experts and people recommend purchasing new cribs because you will not verify the crib’s safety. The US government sets up some instructions regarding the manufacturing of baby cribs. So, any crib that is not made according to their instruction will not meet the government’s safety standards. 

Car Seats 

According to a few reports, safety is the primary reason for not buying secondhand or used car seats. According to a few surveys in the US, most children die from car accidents. The reason is either the absence of car seats or the improper usage of car seats. If people use correct car seats, such accidents might reduce up to 71%. And if you are buying a used car seat, you might not know if it was a part of the car crash (which directly means that it is improper) or the car seat’s expiration date. 


The reason for not purchasing a secondhand mattress seems very apparent but also very tiny bed bugs. Mattresses can be considered a home for these bed bugs, and the worst part is that they spread from mattresses to everywhere. They are so tiny that most of the time, they are hidden and will only get active when there is a warm body. So, you might pick up an infected mattress and will not be able to realize it. 


Other than the items mentioned above, there are many other items you must not buy if they are available secondhand. Some of them are listed below:

  • School supplies 
  • Pet supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Raincoats and boots 
  • Speakers 
  • TVs
  • Puzzles and board games 

These were a few things which must not be purchased in used condition, because you might never know what has happened to it before, and what kinds of consequences will you face for that.