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Tiny Homes You Can Actually Buy On Amazon


The online store that delivers you your entire shopping list in just a few days is now delivering tiny homes to your doorstep. You heard it right: Amazon sells tiny house kits containing everything you need to build your own tiny house. These house kits will arrive at your doorstep (mainly with no shipping charges) with a step-by-step guide that will help you with the entire construction process. 

The home kit contains all the parts and hardware, so you can start building the house right away. Some houses are so easy to build that it will only take two adults and one day to get the job done. The tiny house concept garnered popularity in 2014 when more and more people began to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and looked to cut down their living costs. Amazon sells many small house kits starting from just 5000 dollars. 

Allwood Arlanda XXL

The Arlanda home kit is a 273 square-foot kit ideal for making a detached office, yoga studio, or garden shed. This contemporary urban-style home has large windows to allow an abundance of natural light. You can install the kit with or without the wall. 

Allwood Palma 3 

Allwood Palma 3 is a two-room studio kit made up of high-quality Nordic wood with door frames made from aluminum. You’ll also get structural parts and window frames. You can also adjust the wall position between two rooms during the assembly of the kit. The second room could be made as a full-sized bedroom or be left as a small kitchen or bathroom area. 

The Allwood Palma 3 will work with a variety of surroundings. You could also build it on roofs of multi-story buildings. You can assemble the product in 4 to 5 days with two adults. The wood arrives in an untreated natural color and white frame. 

ECOHOUSEMART Laminated Log House Kit 

The Loghouse kit contains glulam which is an engineered glued product made from timber. With a 1290 sq feet area, the house has three bedrooms and one bathroom. However, you’ll require a few additional things to set up the house, which the kit does not include. For instance, the kit doesn’t include doors, windows, fixtures like cabinets or toilet seats, etc. 

Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin Kit

Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin Kit is a garden house kit of excellent-quality Nordic wood. This ageless design is a substitute for traditional cabin-style structures. You’ll need a few tools to set up the house, and it will only need three days to complete. The kit also consists of directions in the form of numbered drawings. The kit includes almost all the hardware except for the roof shingles and foundation materials. 

BestBarns Richmond 16′ x 28′ Barn Wood Shed Kit

The Richmond is built like a house and is ideal for new office space, workshops, or even a second home. There is a high sidewall on the lower level with a clear span full loft, which is for the bonus room above, and you can customize it according to your needs. The house’s siding is wood strands pressed into a saturated resin substrate superior to plywood. The siding is primed, and you can paint it with any color of your choice. 

Wrapping Up

If you want to join the tiny-home movement, these five tiny house kits can turn your desire into reality with a bit of smart work. All you need is a bit of research, and you can find a home catering to all your needs. Make sure you check all the items in the kit before buying, as some kits don’t include doors, windows, and other essential hardware.