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Tips For How To Organize Your Pantry


The kitchen pantry is a great place to store food and other supplies. However, if it is not organized, it can be challenging to find what you need when you need it. So when you get home from a long day of work and start to cook dinner, searching through a mess of a pantry for one or two items that you need can be stressful. That’s where this article can help! Read on to find out some helpful tips for how to organize your pantry!

Get Rid Of Things You Won’t Eat

If you have a lot of old cans of food in your pantry, it might be time to take those out and donate them to a local shelter or bring them to a recycling center. You may also find canned foods that you do not like, which will go bad if you don’t use them soon. These should also be donated. In addition to old cans of food, consider getting rid of any expired items in your pantry.

An easy way to tell if an item has gone bad is smelling it or checking the expiration date. If you find that there are many things you have not been able to get through, it might also be time to look at your grocery shopping. It could be that you are buying too much food or buying foods that you don’t like.

Add Extra Shelves

You may find that you have so much stuff in your pantry there isn’t enough space for everything. If this is the case, get some extra shelves to add to the existing ones. This way, you can have the space for items that are too bulky or bulky and unnecessary, such as large bottles of water. Extra shelves might also be helpful if you want more space for smaller items that don’t fit on the existing shelves, such as snacks and spices.

Add Labels

Add labels that show what is stored where to make items easier to find when you need them. For example, if your food is not in any packaging that indicates what it is or where it came from, consider adding a label. You can cut up pieces of paper and use a marker to write what the item is on each one. Then tape each piece to the front of the shelf it goes with. 

Make Use Of The Door

One of the most commonly overlooked parts of a pantry is the door. We tend to ignore it because we do not store food on it. However, this can be a mistake as there are many things you can use this for. If you have a lot of spices that need to be stored, buy small jars and use them as containers. Then simply hang them on the door.

A pantry door is also an excellent place for baking supplies, such as flour and sugar. You can even store things like large bags of chips on the door by hanging them with binder clips. However, keep in mind that if your pantry is small, you might not have room for this type of storage.

Separate By Categories

Another thing you can do to help your pantry stay organized is separate things into different categories. For example, you could separate breakfast foods from snacks and meals. Or lunch items from dinner items, etc. This way, when you are looking for certain types of food, there is less chance that they will be mixed in with other kinds of food, and you will be able to find what you need more quickly.

Use Clear Containers

To make the most of your pantry, you should store things in clear containers. Not only does this help to keep items organized, but it also makes them easier to find. When you open up the pantry, it is simple to see what kind of food is where so you can pick an item out. If your current pantry containers are not transparent, consider changing them to clear ones. You may even be able to reuse plastic containers from other foods or products and save money!

Add A Lazy Susan

One simple way to make your pantry more organized is adding a lazy susan. There are many different types of lazy susans, so you should be able to find one that fits the style of your pantry and suits your needs. You can use a lazy susan for spices, snacks, or even to add an extra shelf to a pantry that is lacking. By adding a lazy susan, you will increase the amount of space your pantry has and make it easier to access what you need.

Use Bins For Smaller Items

If you have many smaller items in your pantry, consider getting some bins to keep these in. If they are in bags or boxes, they can get lost easily. Bins are the perfect solution to this problem because they come with lids that help to seal out moisture and protect food from insects or rodents that might want to get in. You can find a large variety of bins online or at your local stores.


Hopefully, these tips have helped you organize your pantry in a way that is helpful for your specific needs. If you follow the organization methods detailed here, you will see an improvement in how your pantry runs and functions. Not only will it run better, but it will be less of a hassle having to search through items all the time. You will find what you need faster, making cooking easier!