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Top 5 Trash Compactors


The garbage menace is an intense problem that has created a mess around the world. Instead of finding ways to tackle the garbage problems happening around the globe, start with your home itself. By doing so, you make tiny steps towards a better future. Most of the time, we tend to segregate the garbage and hand it to the collectors. This system is not the same everywhere because, in some parts of the world, people still practice burning garbage creating all the more pollution. Trash compactors are the ultimate solution to your garbage problems at home. These freestanding models will make life easier by collecting and storing the garbage without buying trash bags and going miles away to discard them. There are three important factors that you need to consider before you buy a trash compactor.


The space of your kitchen is important for you to consider the right size. If you have a smaller kitchen, then you can opt for a behind-the-cabinet trash compactor. If your area is big enough, then opting for a corner will be a good option.


If you’re concerned about the interiors of your kitchen then, you need to cautiously select the design, color, size that will match the overall setup of your kitchen.


On average, a trash compactor can range from $700 to $1500. If you tighten on the money, odor, size, and design, you may compromise features. An expensive one will filter the smell and give it a cabinet kind of a look. No matter what design, size, or quality trash compactor you buy, it has to be rigid and study for crushing the waste efficiently, without producing much odor.

This article provides you five best trash compactors you can purchase for easy management of your garbage at home.

KitchenAid KTTS505ESS Trash Compactor

KitchenAids trash compactor is a classic appliance that crushes trash without producing any odor. Its core feature includes:

– Easy installation

– Fine design with stainless steel material

– Odor control via a charcoal filter

– Rotating fan to ventilate the air

This premium appliance includes high-quality features, therefore priced at $1500. While you may feel this price is too hyped, go for the solid pack control option to reduce your trash to 80% and be worth the price. Though some customers find the loud fan noise irritating, the newest technology has reduced this sound with high-efficiency circulation. Go for this model and add a finishing touch to your modern kitchen and upgrade its look.

Whirlpool GC900QPPB Trash Compactor

If you are looking into a budget-friendly option with enhanced features, whirlpool should be your go-to choice. Their major features are:

– Highly portable

– Easy and convertible design

– Enhanced noise reduction system

– No odor system

One unique feature about this appliance is that it can be personalized and fitted into any space, a kitchen, utility room, or garage. It is available at a rate of $1000 and should be on your priority list due to its enhanced features. Though some customers have reviewed it to be easy to damage, handling it with care will nullify this problem. With good features and worth the money, this appliance is a good choice for your kitchen.

Gladiator GACP15XXMG Trash Compactor

Available for $730, this is one of the most affordable trash compactors known for its simplistic approach. One should include this model in their priority list because

– It is economical as compared to most trash compactors in the market

– Does not need support, a freestanding model

– You can easily move and allocate it to different spaces

– No odor feature

This model does the crushing job well. Therefore, if you aren’t looking at the designs and complexities, you need to consider this model. It does its basic job with ease. However, due to its low pricing, the technology incorporated for crushing is not very powerful. Therefore, you may have a bit of a problem crushing harder items together. Overall, the productivity is above average.

GE UCG1680LSS Trash Compactor

Do you not want to get into complications? GE UCG1680LSS is the most reliable and standard model, widely known for its ease of use. You can consider this product due to its features that include:

– Efficient noise reduction system

– Fine stylish, streamlined design

– Easy and quick controls

With this model, one gets all the basic features included in a trash compactor. The noise reduction feature is a unique one incorporated into only premium models. However, this feature is also present in this model. Available at a prize of $1000, this may seem like an overrated tag due to the inefficient noise reduction feature. However, because of the basic purpose of crushing the trash, you can consider this model.

TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher

If you are looking for a high-volume crusher, then you should include this model in your list. It’s called the family model due to its high efficiency and capacity. Its positives include:

– 50 liters’ black stainless steel finish

– High volume that holds twice the trash as compared to most compactors

– Incorporates plastic lines to hold trash bags

– Stay-open lever while changing the bags

This model is highly applicable for crushing plastic and aluminum containers. It is a must-have appliance for a family that has more members. Due to size and design, it may take in a little more space than any normal compactor. Overall, its ease of use and high productivity makes it a suitable choice for service.


These were some top trash compactors that have received positive reviews from most customers. Before you step to purchase one for your household, consider the few points from above that will help you decide. Make a note or pin this page to help you make a better decision. Forget the trash bags and make a change by buying the finest and high-quality trash compactor today.