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Top 7 Smart Fridges Of 2021


One can easily comprehend how far we’ve come in terms of technological advancement by looking at how our storing units have evolved. Fridges today have turned into multipurpose appliances with advanced features and intelligent technology.

The aspects of a smart refrigerator include wi-fi connectivity, voice control, and performing diagnostics. There is an endless list that makes these smart fridges more than just a unit to keep food from getting worse and make ice, but all this requires a little more investment than your regular fridge. 

There are multiple refrigerator options to choose from with varying price ranges depending on the type of features you want and the brand you choose. The following article gives you a guide on choosing the right refrigerator and seven smart recommendations offering the best deals in the market.

With so many smart options to choose from, deciding and making a purchase can become effortlessly daunting. Below are some points you must keep in mind and check on before deciding on your buy. 

Dimensions And Space 

You don’t want to end up with a fridge that looks oddly out of place in your kitchen. Carefully evaluate the space and figure out your smart refrigerator’s ideal dimensions and size. 

Another important aspect is the storage space of the refrigerator. It is essential that your smart refrigerator also offers ample space to accommodate anything and everything with ease. 


Decide on what suits you best – top freezers, bottom freezers, or side-by-side. While one with top freezers is perfect for eye-level compatibility given their french models, a bottom freezer needs you to bend when searching for food but costs less than the former. Similarly, side-by-side also needs you to bend but requires less space for the doors to open. 


Based on where you live, the using pattern, who all will use it, and the average number of items you wish to place, all contribute to the list of features you must look for in a fridge. While one household may find wine cabinets, and rapid cooling essentially necessary, it might not be of any use to others. Therefore, make a list of features you require and make sure the refrigerator you choose has almost all of them, if not all.

Design And Finish

The look and feel of your fridge is your call. Although stainless steel is one of the most preferred refrigerator types at the moment, given its elegant and sleek outlook, you can go for anything you find intriguing, pretty, and easy to manage. 

Top 7 Smart Refrigerator Recommendations

Samsung Family Hub 

The Samsung Family Hub is the future of smart refrigerators and, for the most critical part, comes in a variety of features and options to choose from in stores and online. These are available in varying styles, colors, configurations, stainless steel built, french doors, side-by-side doors, etc., which means that there is an option to explore a wide price range to fit convenience. 

The key feature shared by most refrigerators is the smart screen on your fridge’s door and its compatibility with multiple smart devices in your home for better access and control. This smart screen lets you order food, play music through platforms like Pandora and Spotify, search recipes online, and even mirror movies with your loved ones as you all cook. Not just this, the hub also allows you to set notes, reminders, and pictures for each other. 

As you move up the price range ladder, the number of features such as converting the freezer zone to the fridge and many more keeps on adding. However, it is optional to choose certain elements and buy a model as per your budget and use.


LG upgraded from regular refrigerators and made them smart with the most enhanced and useful feature updates. The LG LRFDS3016D comes with a French-style door and a smartly designed bottom freezer. This ice system is known as slim space plus, which minimizes space taken as it adjusts the icemaker behind the shelves within a small area of the door. The water and ice dispenser lets you pour exact ounces of water with space to fit various bottle sizes.

The fridge provides ample space to hold your multiple grocery items. The smart features of this LG refrigerator include intelligent technology that understands and adjusts your habits and other usage details to maintain a hassle-free experience. You can access the usage and analyzed reports on LG’s ThinQ app regarding refrigerators functioning to keep you in touch with its condition and issues. 

LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

This LG refrigerator has sleek stainless steel built with various smart features that add both style and convenience to your kitchen. The SmartThinQ technology and downloadable apps make managing the controls and settings more accessible. The app also notifies if the refrigerator door is left open, among other things.

There is voice support for Google Assistant and Alexa, which lets you curate a shopping list or order food online through voice commands. The drawers keep the items organized with multiple glasses, fixed and split shelves. The prime attraction of this refrigerator is its instaview feature, allowing you to access the content inside your refrigerator with just two knocks on the door-in-door panel. 

Kenmore Elite 75043

With 24 cubic feet of the capacity of the Kenmore Elite 75043, when integrated with smart designs like compact water filters and slideway shelves, it gives you enough storage space for all your veggies and items. The refrigerator is ideal for someone who loves voice assistants like Alexa. The refrigerator app makes handling everything from filter status to temperature controls easier and fun and lets you access detailed reports on your fridge’s condition. 

The GeniusCool technology and CleanFlow air filter maintain the right temperature and fresh airflow for your veggies, etc., for extended periods. There are tons of other features like Accela Ice and replacing notifications, making Kenmore Elite 75043 an ideal choice for a tech-savvy person.

GE Cafe Smart French Door Refrigerator

For someone looking to style their space with elegant and cool refrigerator designs without compromising the functionality, this is for you. The refrigerator offers a luxury look with clean lines and in-depth designs, and multiple hardware and color options to choose from in stores and online. 

Apart from a little low storage space, there are multiple smart features to explore, such as – Google assistant, Alexa, IFTTT, Wi-fi connectivity, and Sonos. The electronic temperature controls on the drawers and TwinChill evaporators ensure the freshness of the food with consistent temperature controls. It also includes an optional water dispenser, offering cold, clean, and filtered water while maintaining the fridge’s overall look.

Bosch 800 Series

It is one of the most user-friendly refrigerators on the list, with a neat and beautiful exterior. The Bosch 800 has an internal water dispenser, saving space and looking outside. There are removable shelves, bins, and flex bars doing justice to the provided area. 

The refrigerator’s smart features include a Home Connect app, allowing you to monitor and control temperatures, led lighting, diagnostics, and notification when the door is left open. Multiple features maintain your food’s freshness for a long time through temperature and humidity control.


This whirlpool refrigerator serves a unique manufacturing style and easy access. Aside from the French door design, there are also multiple drawers helping you manage different food items with no hassle whatsoever. 

The refrigerator is inexpensive and features an LED touch screen, ice maker, and tons of storage space for all your grocery store items. Unlike regular refrigerators built, the Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ is a smudge-resistant stainless-steel exterior, which is both elegant and easy to clean.

There are multiple controls like freezer temperature, current settings, etc., that are readily manageable with the LED panel.


To pick one among these seven excellent smart refrigerators is not easy. There is plenty of advanced technology and smart functions to choose from, bound to get even better with time and advancement. However, refrigerators are a one-time investment. It is essential to pick one depending on the current situation and looking at how well it could adapt and serve lifestyle changes in the future. 

So, take your time and choose a well-suited smart refrigerator for a beautiful and smart home.