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Top Fall Maintenance Tips


Home maintenance is critical, and there is no better time to get your home and yard in great shape than fall. When you go for fall maintenance, you save money in the long run and can rest assured that your home and yard will stay safe while you keep yourself warm this winter.

Let’s look at the top 10 fall maintenance tips that you should try!

Prepare Your Trees, Shrubs And Bushes

After a hot, long summer, your trees, shrubs and bushes need some attention. Even if you have been watering your plants regularly, they may likely be lacking the moisture they need. So once the warm weather subsides and fall sets in, it is a perfect time to prepare your plantation for the upcoming winter season.

As you prepare your trees, shrubs and bushes, don’t forget to lay fresh mulch as it will help your plants retain moisture during the cold, dry season. Also, fall is a great time to trim and prune your plantation, which keeps your plants protected during winter and improves their chances of blooming in the spring season following winters.

Rake The Leaves

As you get started with fall maintenance, don’t forget to rake leaves. The trees in your yard may be shedding leaves, but you need to rake leaves so your lawn can continue to breathe. Moreover, if your lawn stays covered with dried leaves for a longer period, it can significantly increase the risk of disease or pest infestation. Any disease or infestation can negatively impact a great lawn.

Organize Your Lawn

As you prepare your trees, shrubs and bushes and rack the leaves, don’t forget to organize your lawn. There are several seasons during the year when you can prepare your lawn by feeding and seeding it, and fall is one of them. In fact, according to experts, fall is the best time to seed and feed your lawn, especially the areas that have been damaged by the hot summers.

During your fall maintenance, don’t forget to guard plants that cannot withstand extreme temperatures, especially if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters.

Clean The Gutters And Downspouts

If your gutters and downspouts are clogged, it can quickly lead to a leaky roof which can be a costly repair. A great way to save this additional cost is to add cleaning of your gutters and downspouts to your fall maintenance checklist.

Make sure you clean gutters and downspouts so the water can freely and doesn’t damage your roof or seep into your exterior walls and your basement.

Schedule Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is an essential part of home maintenance, and it is best to inspect your roof at least once a year. Inspecting your roof as part of your fall maintenance is crucial as it allows you to identify any damages to your roof that have occurred during the hot summers. It’s even more critical if you live in a region that’s prone to rain and storms during summers.

If you are unsure how to go about roof inspection, it is always best to schedule a professional roof inspection. While it may cost you a bit, a professional roof inspection can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Secure Your Outdoor Furniture

You may love outdoor gatherings and BBQ parties in your yard during summer, but as fall approaches, it’s a good idea to put away all your outdoor furniture and move it to a secure place. Outdoor furniture is an expensive investment, and leaving it out in winters can cause extensive damage and leave it unusable in the months to follow.

You can also invest in outdoor furniture covers that are water-proof and are a great way to secure furniture, especially if you do not have extra space in your garage or basement.

Put Away Your Hoses

Your hoses are another piece of equipment that is quite helpful during summers, but it’s best to put them away safely when it comes to winters. As part of your fall maintenance, don’t forget to drain all the excess water in your hoses or else it can freeze and damage your hose. Also, make sure you shut off the water supply to your hose bibs.

If you have sprinklers installed in your lawn, it’s best to winterize the sprinkler system as part of fall maintenance.

Get Your Fireplace Ready

As winter is approaching, you will need to keep yourself warm. Hence fall is a great time to get your fireplace ready if your home is equipped with it. Fireplaces can lead to severe accidents at home, and you can significantly reduce the risk of any such disaster by scheduling your fireplace’s service with professional experts. Even if you feel you can clean your fireplace by yourself, it is never a good idea to do DIY fireplace cleaning.

Check Your HVAC System

Another critical piece of equipment that needs maintenance during fall is your HVAC system. After all, your HVAC system has worked extensively during the summers, and you expect it to keep you warm during upcoming winters. So why not schedule an HVAC system maintenance? As part of your fall maintenance, make sure you change the furnace filters and inspect the outflow duct. Your furnace may also require inspection, so don’t forget to do it at this time of the year.

Gather Your Winter Resources

Yes, we are talking about fall maintenance, but winter will be here soon before you even realize. So why not prepare ahead of time and gather all the winter resources that you may need. It’s even more critical if you live in a region that gets a lot of snow during the cooler months. Gather your snowblower, ice scrapers and brushes that you may need and prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming season.

Final Thoughts

With these top 10 fall maintenance tips, you can keep your home and yard in great shape as you stay warm during the colder months of the year.